Access YouTube TV App On PC and it’s Worth Giving a try? Find out Why

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In this era, generation C, which means  people who watch participate in online communities, get involved and create content. Generation C people consume a lot of the video content day by day and they tend to look for new awesome videos on the YouTube website. So they look for something crazy but it’s hard to find what is trending on specific geographic regions and explore more videos. Even I am from Generation C Category ;), So I found a cool way to find trending content and new content for daily consumption.

The cool way is by using YouTube TV App; This is an app made especially for SmartTV’s, but still we can access YouTube App from your PC/laptop too.

To Access the YouTube TV App all you need to do is enter the website URL ( Then you will get access to the app. One more advantage is, the TV app finds the geographic region, and it will find the trends, suggestions from your region /country.


youtube trends

With this YouTube TV app, you find the most amazing videos on different categories. All this happens within seconds, and you can use keyboard shortcuts to use it more efficiently

Keyboard Shortcuts are:

Esc key – To return to the previous menu

Enter key- To play the video you hover

Left Arrow- to scroll the video in the left side.

Right Arrow – To scroll videos to the right side.

Up and Down Arrow- To change the video categories ( e.g., how to, Music, gaming etc..)

Data mining Using Youtube TV APP:

Everyone loves to explore new videos, new channels and more. Most of the people tend to find more videos via social networks, blogs and via ads. Using this youtube TV app, I found a lot of quite interesting videos, and I have added them in watch later list. So This youtube app helps to explore more awesome videos on the site and keep track of what happening in the world.

That’s it Folks, I hope this little trick can help you in finding more amazing videos and more. Let me know your thoughts on it, have you going to try this? What kind of videos are you going to the browser? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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4 thoughts on “Access YouTube TV App On PC and it’s Worth Giving a try? Find out Why

  1. Hey Suresh,

    Thanks for pointing this one out. I have two SmartTV’s so I use this app everyday. In fact I have it open now. But I never thought about using it on my computer too. This will be great when I’m not at home.

    • Hey Ileane,

      Glad I helped you, and you can surf the videos more quickly because we use keyboard shortcuts, whereas in TV we use TV remotes which is slower 🙂

      Thanks for your comments Ileane,

  2. Thanks for the YouTube suggestion.
    I like the little animated GIF you have pointing to your YouTube Subscription Widget, can I use that elsewhere?

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