Year In Review – Facebook New Feature to Find Your Top Facebook Friends In 2013

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Today, when I was browsing on the Facebook one of my Facebook friends, shared a pic which showcase the top Facebook friends of 2013. I dared and click on the link and to my surprise it’s not a fake at all. It’s really awesome and makes you feel so good. This might be a new feature in facebook and it is called “Year in review.” So it shows the best moments, pics, top friends and many more which had happened in the year 2013.

I just checked my profile and to my surprise it said true, So here are  my top Facebook friends in 2013.



As the pic states above, I spoke with them most times in Facebook.

It doesn’t end over there, you will get top Pictures, status, link share with more interaction, Life events.

Just imagine if you feel down for the something or other and this feature will help you to overcome and energize you to overcome the problem for sure. That’s the power of social life and happy moments.

This feature is in-short an auto created a journal on your Facebook profile. Isn’t it awesome? Within seconds, your journal created and all your top Facebook friends are created.

How do you get this?

To see your top Facebook friends in 2013  head over to this link

From there, you can check your friend’s list.

Hope this little tiny feature helps you to overcome when you’re feeling down.


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