Windows 8 Headphone problem [Solved]

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In this, we are going to see about solving Windows 8 Headphone problem Since Windows 8 Consumer Preview is one of the most downloaded operating system this month. With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft added some more features to the new generation computers. As we can know Windows Start button has been changed and Metro UI has been introduced. We can sync the whole PC data with our Windows live account, in fact, we can login to our PC with Windows live id. So with all these features Windows 8 Consumer Preview is really good.

But the main and the most important problem that arises here is Compatibility problem. However, Windows is working very well on it and options to make any software compatible are working fine. The beauty of Windows 8 is the installation is just 10 minutes where our previous XP or 7 were taking hours to complete. And one more thing noticeable here is it installs all the drivers itself along with the installation of the OS. But here comes the main problem. The sound drivers, which get installed, will not recognize the front panel audio pins and we cannot use the headphones by plugging it to our front panel line-in ports. Here is a method to make the front audio ports work and listen using headphones.


Windows 8 Headphone problem

First, let’s understand it. The actual problem is the inbuilt driver, which gets installed, is a basic one, so we will not have many customizable options. So we cannot use anything from front audio panel. I guess now you are clear that we must install the advanced drivers in order to make it work.

Follow the instructions below:

  • Here is the download link forRealtek Audio drivers, download the required one for your PC.
  • Install a piece of software and now in the console window of the Realtek software press onConnector Settings
  • Now click onDisable front panel jack detection and click on OK.
  • NowRefresh the window, and here you go, listen to anything from your headphone connected to the front panel of your PC.

Here are the screenshots:




Finally, we have solved the Windows 8 Headphone Problem. If you are still unable to sort this problem, please comment the problem and we will soon come out with a working solution for this.

You can mail us via contact form. We will help you

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22 thoughts on “Windows 8 Headphone problem [Solved]

  1. do you think windows 8 is a successful OS?

  2. Hi Shrikant and Suresh!

    Nice post or preview of Windows 8. Reading this post reminds me of myself who wants to install the preview version of Win 8.

    The audio setting in my computers are very important, since I blog mostly about video tutorial.

    I remember with windows vista, I had so much trouble, and using Win 7 I had no problem at all.

    Hopefully this issue won’t happen in the real release of Win 8 though.



  3. Thank you for pointing that out. With this tip I could connect my headphones finally with Windows 8 – Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Joachim,
      I’m having the same headohones issue in windows 8, and wanted to ask:
      How did you know which driver to download from RealTek?
      How did you know that it will suite your computer?

  4. Hello,

    don’t know if this is still active, but what to do if you don’t have the front panel? Win doesn’t recognize headpohones in back panel. =/

  5. Thanks! This solved my problem on a win 7 machine. Had looked all over for a solution, but yours is the first one that has actually worked!

  6. Thank you very much. It resolved the issue on windows 8.

  7. It worked!
    Thank you!

  8. Dear all,

    I simply update my sound driver. . . and now my front sound port works.

  9. Dear All,

    I simply update my sound driver. . .and now my front sound port works properly.

  10. I was looking all over for the solution – with my Lenovo thinkpad twist – I was so looking forward to use it as a tablet while commuting. Finally, I would be able to do that

  11. What if someone is having a via hd audio and not realtek, u hav not mentioned that. And not everyone is having that problem, it happens sometimes if you perform the install without keeping the windows.old folder that contains all the windows 7 or previous versions’ settings.

  12. am using an acer aspire timelineU m3 i have windows 8 on ma machne and dont have the headsets plugings i ve tried to download from the lind but am unable to is there any other link i can use to download realtek that you know please anybody help?

  13. This did not solve my windows 8 headphones problem it detected my headphones but no sound came through my headphones. O tested it on other devices to see if it was the headphones and the headphones worked. please help.

  14. What if I dont use realtek

  15. Brent Reeder says:

    This worked right away. Looked at dozens of forums before I found this gem. Worked Perfectly! Problem Solved.

  16. I hate awfully unhelpful phrases like find your audio driver on this website which is of no help.

  17. Thank you so much! Solved my problem 100%. Used your link for the Realtek Drivers, found what I needed, followed your instructions, now my CAD headphones plugged into my front HP jack works perfectly. No humming (feedback) what-so-ever. Running Windows 8.1 on a desktop.

  18. Excellent short article, i did read it twice so sorry for this,
    i’ve passed it on to my friends, so hopefully they will get pleasure
    from it as well.

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