Voice chat and Video chat with Facebook friends

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We love Facebook a lot when it comes to social networking sites. We have a lot of friends. New friends, acquaintances, friends of friends, people whom you just met, people from your college, school or workplace, neighborhood and so on.

We chat with them by text or through messages online, but we don’t get to have voice chat with them. Wouldn’t it be nice as well..

So I searched for few minutes and I have found out a site which provides these features.

Free usage of Voice Chat feature is given too. So that we can have a voice chat with 20 people at time.

A lot more features for the Premium Users.



  • Go to the site:  http://www.tokbox.com/
  • Sign up and create an account
  • Add your Facebook Account
  • And invite your friends as well
  • Now you can have Voice Chat with those friends!


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One thought on “Voice chat and Video chat with Facebook friends

  1. Jnnat alfrdws says:

    That’s great
    We all love face book

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