TrackChecker: Track Any Shipment Courier Around The World

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Do you make a lot of shopping on-line? Are You Active buyer or seller on e-bay, Amazon … etc ? Therefore, you always need to keep track of many parcels? Is isn’t it?? It’s surely quite hectic to log on to different sites(such as DHL, DTDC, FedEx.. so on) to track your emails or parcels.

Well, in that case TrackChecker Application is perfectly all set for you. It provides a convenient solution to monitor your consignments, especially if you do a lot of buying and selling.

The application tracks the status of your added items and presents all the related information at one place. It offers a simple and user-friendly interface, which lets you easily monitor the current status of shipments from more than 150+ postal and courier services over the world.

TrackChecker was developed and had only Russian interface. But with its amazing use and irresistible service, the application gained popularity among Russian-speaking users, and some time ago it has been translated into other languages: English, Ukrainian, Chinese…


TrackChecker Key features:

  1. Monitoring the status of any number of tracks to more than 170 postal and courier sites all over the world
  2. User can create groups of tracks in any configuration which help the user not to get lost in their premises
  3. Ability to add and configure almost any of mail tracking service via the user interface
  4. A lot of options allow to customize the program for themselves: The period of updating, autostart, notifications, appearance of the list of tracks (track color highlight, font of the tracks tree, etc.), connection setup, and many other options
  5. Storing program settings and user data in XML format near to the executable program (by default settings)
  6. Automatic check for program updates and automatically update the description of services
  7. Filtering, a quick search, sorting and other features of tracks tree
  8. Track can be added or marked as delivered by scanning its barcode (3rd-party bar-code scanning application is required).

How to Add new Tracks or Groups : 

Adding new Tracks or Groups is easy. In order to enter a new tracking data

  • click the Add button  +
  • Followed by Add Group/Track to open Group/Track data entry window.

  • Under Track, you need to specify all the related information like Track number, Description, Comment and tracking URL Link.

  • Additionally, you can also enable Delivered and Ignore finalized options.


In the services:

Here, you can choose your preferred courier service, there are a lot of courier services such DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. Just mark your desired service and click Done to add your track to the database. Once added, the application starts monitoring your mail or parcel, although you can click Update Selected Tracks or Update All Tracks to check the current tracking status.

Viewing the Tools / Options:

Clicking on Tools -> Options on the menu bar,

opens the application’s configuration window, which contains various options such as:

  • General,
  • Tracks and events,
  • Visual, Data,
  • Tree,
  • Connection 
  • and Services settings.

Where you can customize Your settings/options at your own options.



TrackChecker is an all in all application that can be used in many ways of tracking your Parcel / Mail shipments and the Pending delivery. It is useful in tracking all our Packages without getting it lost. TrackChecker is a worthful Application to be installed on your machines and start tracking.

Download TrackChecker Software

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3 thoughts on “TrackChecker: Track Any Shipment Courier Around The World

  1. Hello Suresh,
    Thanks for sharing this software with us. this type of software is quite helpful who are in the filed of transport and have many courier services to deal with. group service feature is also good.

    Will surely going to try it out and hopefully it also tracks the Adsnese check 😉

    Thank you and Have a good day.

  2. Hoe can i I add the others coriers name (Like Blue dart or DTDC or TPC) with this TrackChecker.
    Please reply me ASAP.

    • we can track DTDC and TPC but we cannot able to track bluedart service yet. So we need wait to updating the Blue dart into the list. You can contact the developer as well.

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