How To Track Earthquake (semsic Activity) Alert With Android Devices

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Now Track Earthquakes(Recent Seismic Activity) Real-time updates from your Android devices only. Sometimes, news about earthquakes, natural disasters can be received lately or may not be received. So in this case, we use this method to find the earthquakes which have happened nearby you. So Android Users, we are proud to be using it as this kind of sensitive information may save the 1000’s of people. Now Let’s get into the tutorial.


  • The Recentseismic activity (earthquakes) can be tracked
  • You should hold an Android Smartphone /Tablet user.
  • Download theEarthquake Alert  App From Android Market.
  • The app is Free of Cost
  • Install the app  and Turn on your WiFi or Data
  • Open the app, Now you can find the latest earthquakes with real-time
  • The latest earthquake showing in the pic above is Now you can see the more details about this earthquake by clicking on it.

  • The complete details are shown using this Even you can see the earthquake alerts in maps.
  • You have to just click on “Map” to Show the earthquake.

  • Finally, you have tracked the recent earthquakes which are happening all over the world. The Real-time updates with exact information with Richter scale info too.


Smartphones are not just for listening music, games, etc. It saves life too, the best example is Earthquake Android app. So if you’re not a smartphone user, now you should really need it
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14 thoughts on “How To Track Earthquake (semsic Activity) Alert With Android Devices

  1. It will be in ios5 also :)Luv the post 🙂

  2. I too am anticipating ios as well. Do hope I could get the chance now. 🙂

  3. Hi Suresh. Thanks for sharing this. I believe it’s going to be very useful, since many quakes are happening quite often lately around the world.

  4. very nice post on android devices

  5. Hi, Suresh,
    As you say, smart phones are obviously not just for listening to music, playing games, talking…but now they can also save lives! Considering how many earthquakes are there lately, on worldwide scale, maybe investing in such a thing would be a real life savior.
    Thanks for revealing this info. It was all news to me.

  6. Really cool share Suresh, I think this kind of application helps a lot. Imagine a situation when you come to know about earthquake near your locality (specially in a coastal area) and as we know earthquakes near coastal areas can cost tsunami, so this will be a great app to know about impending tsunamis

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    I’glad to read your site,thank you

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