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Adobe Max 2014 Conference – If you’re creative professional then You Shouldn’t Miss it

Adobe Max 2014 Conference is about to happen on next month 4th October 2014 at the Los Angeles Convention Center and Nokia Theatre. It’s a 5 days conference and registration are open right now at More than 5,000 designers, broadcast/video pros, web and mobile app developers and photographers and more are expected to attend this year’s […] Continue reading →

Google Launched Missing Person Finder For Tropical Cyclone Phailin 2013

Google just launched missing  person finder for the Topical cyclone Phailin 2013, they launched just 2 hours back. So I believe in same, the technology is there to solve the people problems and should help mankind to progress that is the reason I am writing  blog  post on this.   Crisis Map for Phailin 2013   Missing Person Finder for Phailin 2013 Right now, […] Continue reading →

Google Play Gift Cards Launched In Canada

Google Play Gift Cards just launched in Canada and buy at local stores nearby. Just give a ring to a local store and visit sine Google play gift card just launched at some places it might not be available for now.. As the android OS booming and demand of paid apps, books, movies, music also […] Continue reading →

Flipboard – you can’t afford to miss it!

There is an app for that… There is an app for this… There is an app for everything! But there is not a single app that will show you everything in one app. Ergo: By the apps combined, this is Flipboard!  When someone gathers all the News you are interested in (updates from your Social-Networking […] Continue reading →

How-to Uninstall Security Tool in 3 simple steps

If your PC is now infected by Security Tool, you should take action now to stamp out this dangerous scareware app. Wondering where to start on completely solving your problem with Security Tool. Keep reading to discover how to finally fix this dilemma. You are not alone in your investigation to get to the bottom […] Continue reading →