How To Blur Facebook Profile Names, Pictures Easily With Status Snapper

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If you planned to blur profiles name, pictures of a comment thread or any other threads on Facebook than the traditional way of doing this task is by taking the screenshot and  paste the picture from clipboard into Photoshop and finally blurring the profile images , name.  Don’t you think the process is so much tedious? Yes it is, people don’t have time to do it manually and all , Lucky a developer named Willam Parry made a Chrome extension for this task and the name of chrome extension is called ” Status Snapper“, So we will be going to use that plugin to achieve the task of blurring the profile names, pics of Facebook status.

The extension makes the job way easier and any basic computer user can accomplish the task of  blurring the Facebook status images, name and let’s get into  Tutorial of status snapper.

Status Snapper : How To use ?

  • Install the chrome extension of the status snapper from here
  • Download Status Snapper For Chrome 
  • After installing the Chrome extension, then log into your Facebook account.
  • On the URL bar,  you will see a Status Snapper Icon.
status Snapper

status Snapper

  • When you click on the status snapper icon then, you will see an option called “SNAP” in the Facebook status and other Facebook threads.
facebook status snapper for chrome

facebook status snapper for chrome

  • After you click the snap button then all the images, profiles pictures go blur and you can toggle the mouse if you don’t want to blur the certain parts of the status.

status snapper tutorail softwarebuzzer

  • After you click the Finish button, then you get a notification that “status Snapped.”
  • Finally, the images are uploaded in automatically.

  • Thus saving you time and the task is achieved within seconds

Wrap Up:

Status snapper is a real time saver for everyone who wants to achieve the task of blurring Facebook profile name, pictures from Facebook status and automatically uploads in Imgur website. It’s all happening in within seconds the service is free and installs the chrome extension right away.

What Are your thoughts about the status snapper? If you got any ideas to improve it both please let us know in the comment below so that the developer “William Parry” can work on it to make more best.  Keep sharing with your Friends.

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7 thoughts on “How To Blur Facebook Profile Names, Pictures Easily With Status Snapper

  1. Hey Suresh, This is great information. I’m going to grab this one. It will save me a lot of time from doing it manually. Thanks!

    • Hey Carolyn,

      Glad you liked the post and yeah normal people who do in a traditional way kills lots of time so that’s the reason this chrome extension of Status snapper comes in handy.

      Thanks for sharing with your friends 🙂


  2. I’ve seen this kind of blur Facebook profile images but didn’t know its name. It will be useful sometimes when we don’t want reveal other users identity. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Great Suresh,
    This will really help me a lot to prepare posts with blurred facebook images. Earlier I thought will need to learn Photoshop or similar tool but this will save a lot of time. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. This extension makes works so simple. Generally I use Snagit tool for this purpose and it took lots of time as we need to manually do it.

  5. Hey Suresh is this extension available for Firefox, actually I don’t feel comfortable with Chrome. Anyway thanks for sharing this amazing extension.

  6. That’s very good points. I used to do this process with photoshop like you described and it was indeed too long as for one task.. I live you blog in general. Lots of useful info!

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