[Solved] Could Not Find Mozilla Runtime – Mozilla Firefox Error

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If you’re a Mozilla Firefox browser user, you may come across this crazy error called “Could Not Find Mozilla Runtime.“ Whenever you double click on the Firefox shortcut icon, you will get the same error but Firefox won’t open at all. I am running on Windows 8 OS I have faced this problem today and I found the solution of this error which I am going to share with you below.

could not find the mozilla runtime

Could not find the mozilla runtime

So I tried to download the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox software and installed but the problem still exists. This time I am not getting any runtime error, but there is nothing happening behind. So the only solution for this kind of problem is a clean installation.

Solution : 

  1. You need to remove the current Firefox browser installation from your computer.
  2. Download the fresh and latest version of Firefox from Firefox website


  1. Once you have downloaded the software, install it in the computer.
  2. You may get some error likeFirefox folder is corrupted,  Mozilla shortcut is missing. So still we have some issues even after reinstalling the new version of Firefox.
  3. So now I reinstalled the software and while installing the software, I changed theinstallation path to D: drive 
  4. To Install the Firefox software in D: Drive then you must choose Setup Type as “Custom”  and press Next.
mozilla setup

mozilla setup

  1. When you make the installation path to D Drive, you won’t get any issues now and the Firefox browser open without any problem.
  2. Finally, we solved the issue of  “could not find the Mozilla Runtime” Error.

Finally mozila browser is back


The best part of this process you won’t lose the bookmarks, password, history data, etc. This saves your time and gets along with your work next time. In order to avoid this problem just keep update your browser to the latest version and stay away from the software errors.

If you have a problem in solving this error ” Could Not Find Mozilla Runtime” So do post your questions in the comments section below.

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9 thoughts on “[Solved] Could Not Find Mozilla Runtime – Mozilla Firefox Error

  1. oh, great, but i don’t have any d: drive. what should i do now?

  2. Still doesn’t work for me, the installation does not even start up :/

  3. Jeanette Hammer says:

    My home pc received the “could not find the mozilla runtime” when I double-clicked the icon earlier today. A few hours later I noticed that all the icons that were on the desktop had vanished, leaving me with nothing to access the computer. It’s currently running on Windows 7. Is there anyway to resolve this issue?

  4. Martha Martinez says:

    Thank you Suresh as I was panicky when I suddenly encountered this problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled with no problem. Thank you for documenting the solution. I was not even prompted for a custom installation. Everything seems to work fine. Again thank you.

  5. If I uninstall Firefox I cannot access the web to reinstall it. How can I resolve this?

  6. Thank you for this post. It works and my old bookmarks are also restored.

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