How Social Media & Bloggers Impact Online sales [Real Experiment]

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In this blog, I generally write about How-to Stuff, Self help kind of articles but today I came across a thing in my facebook news feed and thought to write it. Because it will be kind of self-help only and that saves your money on buying things online.

Recently Flipkart had a tie up with Motorola and they sold million smartphones in just 5 months. They hit big because that’s the only site moto g, moto e phones are selling. Phone was great at that price and it’s a super hit too, Even I tried the phone with my friends and I loved it after using.

Again Flipkart had a tie up with a chinese company Xiaomi and right now they selling the Xiaomi mi3 phones on Flipkart website.

Okay Suresh, What’s the point of Writing this all?

Flipkart started selling Xiaomi mi3 today and within few hours I saw couple of negative reviews there. Below is the proof of it..

real reviews

Here the reviewer Vishal has rated only 1 star because he is so frustrated with it. Observe closely there are two 1-star ratings and one 5-star rating..

Check the page of Xiaomi mi3 here ==>


The Experiment Thing!

If the Flipkart can keep those negative reviews on their site and never delete them means you can “TRUST FLIPKART BLINDLY“. I am from the internet marketing background, blogging so I know that negative reviews really impact the sales & conversion rates. So negative replies are common in sales..But What I am really looking is will Flipkart keep the negative reviews and replies to those negative  reviews on the site itself?

If Flipkart deletes the negative reviews then, we cannot trust the online store at all and they only need is MONEY, SALE NUMBERS and not RELATIONSHIP WITH CUSTOMERS.

There is other possibility like if the Flipkart comes and say like “we helped the negative customer reviews” and what is the proof of it? If they reply inside the review section then everyone see the live proof then you can go and purchase it.

Amazon Handles the negative reviews well  and they never delete it at all..Want proof?

Check this link You can see 1-star review on November 2012. The main point we need to look here is “THEY HAVEN”T DELETED IT AT ALL.”

What we need to check over here..will  Flipkart Really keep the negative reviews or delete them?


How Social Media & Bloggers Help in Online Sales

When you about to spend 20 thousand rupees on a phone and this might be your first phone or gift to parents or anything. 20 thousand rupees are big money for an average Indians and they seek help from tech friends or the person who bought the device already. If eCommerce companies start to delete/alter the negative reviews then, it’s kind of risk taking for the people who buy it.

How to solve this risk taking problem?

You need to ask the early adopters (who are bloggers) they get invited to the events and try the phone. Still if you have a good relationship with bloggers then they will say the REAL REVIEWS (I had Personally experienced this too).

Get opinions from bloggers and ask in social media like facebook, twitter before you taking a risk when you buy a newly released gadgets or anything. Trust me, none of the marketing medium beats the personal recommendations..

Even I am a blogger and I bought Canon 70D DSLR online only after asking the “REAL REVIEWS” From the photography friends and then only I bought.  Because I don’t want to undergo several head-aches if the product is not up to the mark and time waste & money.

So Bloggers, Social media play a major role in driving the sales…

I am more like a critic and that’s the key things people are looking for before buying the things.

Let’s see… the game is ON :) Will Flipkart keeps the customers trust by not deleting it?

P.S. I am one of the Flipkart customers and i buy things online too. I am writing this after watching the incident happened today and I don’t want other people to suffer the same..

Over to you..what is your opinion on this? Drop your opinions in the comment section below.

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  1. Aaron says

    You are right, i have been a customer with flipkart for a long time, in past i have noticed, they did not delete replies, only once was my reply deleted and that i will say was cause i mentioned couple of other e-comm websites. i did not mind it, cause after that, they called me, mailed me and took down the product.
    the issue was they were selling flip flops for more than the MRP shown and it was from some other seller. as they took down the product, i never minded, infact i still have the screenshots to prove this

    in recent few mnths, i found, flipkart deleted my reviews which were negative for a cell phone, a keyboard and a flipflop which i had brought from them, they never explained, never sent any mail about deleting it and trust me, i have proof to show what i wrote is correct. i have brought items from flipkart, which cost more than other e comm sites, cause they cared, i never had issue with replacement or refund and customer care is the best (still is) but i just hope flipkart does not forget this down the line, that it has loyal customers who made it what it is today.

    i have brought Mi3, and yes i also saw 2 reviews on flipkart showing, vishal is a certified customer, i saw the title of certified customer when i saw his review. although i see 3 reviews but when you click reviews, you dont find any.

    it makes me wonder if flipkart now thinks it is”the big thing” in e comm market and as many of you might know, they acquired myntra last month.
    anyflipkart person reading this, please dont think this, ebay once did same and now, it is beat by amazon. if you stop treating your customers well, they will go to other sites and make no mistake, they are coming up like wild mushrooms in rainy season.

    • says

      Yeah Aaron,

      Instead of being constructive with the negative replies they just flush it doesn’t make any sense if they want to grow further india. The actual loopholes of the company is present in “NEGATIVE REVIEWS” if they missed that then god save them.

      Sometimes customers feel hurt too when their valuable negative review is deleted.

      As you said, it’s going to happen soon. Amazon going to take over for sure..

      Thanks for sharing your experience Aaron

  2. says

    Sites like and walmart retain all customer reviews along with a rating system in the website, this trend is just catching up with websites in India. While the short cut will be to delete negative reviews and keep the good ones. Certainly sooner or later, the brand will drop credibility. The power of social media and blogging is certainly a way more powerful than slip shod practices adopted by businesses online.

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