How To Recover Photos, Mp3, Video’s In Windows And Mac

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Recently  I found an Easy way to Recover Your Lost Data like photos, MP3, Videos in Windows and Mac. Since the data we store like pictures, mp3 , videos are very valuable and which means  a lot since it recalls our sweet memories in our past days like School days, college days, Get together and many things. We feel very much happy after going through our past life memories so if something happens to your computer and your hard disk crashed or deleted files without knowingly  and all your data is lost  like your pictures, mp3, videos are lost   . Sometimes the data lost which not only happens to computer hard drives, it also happens to our  SD cardsIpod, CF Cards,  XD Cards,  External Zip Drives,  USB Hard Drives and more. So we come up with the best tutorial using a Software, which is all one data recovery of your photos, videos, and mp3. The software can be used to recover the data from SD cards, Ipod, CF Cards,  XD Cards,  External Zip Drives,  USB Hard Drives. So let’s start with the tutorial below.

Tutorial- Recover photo’s, Mp3’s, Video’s In Windows

Note: Trail version available
  • Download the Software and Install in your Computer.
  • Open the Software you will be displayed with the list of drivers present in your computer and external devices too like External Hard disk, Memory cards, etc.If you drive not seen in the list then click on “Refresh Button.”

recover data in widows

  • Now Select the Drive, Who you need to recover the data from pictures, MP3’s and Videos.
  • Select the file type to be recovered like JPEG, GIF, Mp3, etc. And Click on “Next”

mp3 recover in windows

  • After Scanning the entire drive, the results will be displayed in Files and Folders like tree format.

  • Now If you want to Restore entire data, then Click On “Root”. Every folder is recovered  and
  • You will get a pop-up message asking for the destination location for restoring data.

  • Click on “OK” button then the restoration process Starts and Entire your lost data is recovered easily.
  • Finally, you have restored your lost data in Windows using the Software :).
Note: Trail version available


Tutorial-Recover photos, Mp3’s ,Video’s In MAC

Note: Trail version available

  • Download the software Remo Recover Photo For your MAC OS.
  • Install and Run the Software and it will show the list of Drives present in your
  • Select the drive from which the lost data has to be recovered and click on “NEXT”.
  • recover data in mac
  • After clicking on “Next” button, you will be displayed all the files formats which have to be recovered.
  • After the selecting the file formats to be recovered and click on “RECOVER”.
  • Folders and files will be displayed after the scan completion and select a folder to be recovered and click on “SAVE” to restore.

photos recover in mac

  • You can restore entire files by Selecting “Root” and  Press “SAVE”  then the entire files will be restored.
  • After clicking the save button, you will be asked for a destination folder to be save the files.

  • Now Finally, the files have been Restored using Remo Recover photo.
Note: Trail version available

It’s worth to buy a Professional tool for Data Recovery and the tools are for lifetime version. No need to pay yearly wise. Using this Software we can recover data like photos, mp3’s, video’s from SD cards, Ipod, CF Cards,  XD Cards,  External Zip Drives,  USB Hard Drives. So its multiple purpose software to recover data in an easy way.

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12 thoughts on “How To Recover Photos, Mp3, Video’s In Windows And Mac

  1. Nice! Wont it recover other files?

  2. Hi,

    Can it recover files that were “permanently deleted”? I sometimes get the prompt to permanently delete a file. Can it also recover files from external devices that were lost while unattached to the computer?

  3. Good tip provided here, Suresh, as you warned us it is smart to invest in a professional tool for recovering data, since it is not paid per year. A lifetime guarantee is something we should all accept – it’s a good money saver, too.

  4. Whether it recovers the data from a formatted memory devices like memory cards, pendrive, etc ?

  5. Hi Suresh. Thanks for sharing this. It’s exactly just when I needed to find way to recover some of my photos.

  6. Tracy F. Presley says:

    Well, I know this can be of great help for us…Thanks for the post here..Great job!!

  7. I love this post…Thanks for the help…

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