How To Read And Download Google Play Books On Your iOS Devices

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Every OS platform has some Cons and Pros. Likewise, if you’re an iOS user you cannot enjoy latest released books like “The Oath Of  The Vayuputras”. When I searched the book in iBooks store, I cannot able to find it but in google play store, the book is available cheaper than the hard copy. So now the point is? Can I read and download the play store books in my iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, etc………?

 Download google play store books

Download google play store books

If this problem is solved then google play store book publishers get huge exposure of ios ecosystem too. When I Digg more into this solution and found out that it’s possible to download and read and download Google play books on your IOS gadgets  This helps a lot of people both publishers and readers. Let’s Get into Tutorial

Read and Download Google Play Store books on iOS Devices

  • The first thing, you need, is a Google play account, if you don’t create an account it’s free.
  • After account creation then add your credit card details, since you may need it for purchasing the books.
  • So head over to google play store now
  • We are going to try with free books for now and type in search box “free ” You will get some books list.
  • Click the FREE Button, which is present under the book title.
free google play books

Download free ebooks from google play store

  • When you hit the FREE button, then you can find a button “Get it now” click on it

google play boosks for iPhone ,iPad ,iPod touch

  • The books are added into the google play library 
my book library in google play store

my book library in google play store

  • Now Install this app “Googleplaybooks“  on your iOS
  • Add you google play store account information in the app.
  • After a few seconds of sync, then you will get Google play store books on youriOS

Final thoughts:

With this trick, you can download the latest books from Google play store from anywhere whether you live in USA, Japan, etc. It makes the book publishers to promote their books to the book reader in a faster phase. So by using Free app  “ Google playbooks ” which helps in solving the issue of reading and download the books in your iOS devices.

If you love the idea, keep sharing with your friends. Sharing has always been appreciated.

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3 thoughts on “How To Read And Download Google Play Books On Your iOS Devices

  1. This is so straightforward but so helpful just because I think most people don’t realize they can download Google Play Books on their iPhones. Thanks!

  2. A bit frustrating that they keep the books on separate platforms but this tip will come in handy.

  3. Thanks, Suresh!
    That was a great piece of news for an avid reader like me. Cant thank you enough for the favour.
    Thanks a ton. 🙂
    Downloading it right away…

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