How To Activate or Enable New Facebook News Feed

Hey, Facebook users, Facebook just announced a New News Feed which going to be lots better than improved version. Generally in the present Newsfeed we miss out a lot of things like photos, videos, stories sharing with friends, family members, etc. It’s  really hard to discover until and unless you’re an active Facebook user and you will find better. So […] Continue reading →

5 Best Android Apps for Women security

SOS app for android The most important and best Android apps for women are listed below The recent rape incident shocked the whole nation. It’s obvious that the government will put Forward every possible measure to stop any similar thing from happening again. Anyhow, Girls Should keep themselves prepared for any such situation. Well, the handiest thing, any girl has nowadays, […] Continue reading →

Run Google Plus Hangouts Even at Slow Internet Speed

google plus hangouts   If you’re a Google plus user then, you must be knowing about google plus hangouts. For a non-google plus users Google hangouts are the place where people for online live chat either voice chat or video chat. There you have access to all Google apps like Google talk, YouTube, Google drive etc.. Since we cannot move away from […] Continue reading →

Download Subway Surfers Game For Windows PC

free download subway surfers game for pc xp 7 and 8 Now you can play and  Free download Subway Surfers game for windows PC and it supports XP, Vista,7 and 8. The game is very famous in Android, IOS platform and if you’re familiar with temple run game then, subway surfers too have similar game play. All, you need to do, is collect the coins as many as you can. […] Continue reading →

Access And Watch Hulu, Netflix, Pandora Outside US

how to access netflix , HULU, Pandora outisde USA In order to access and watch Hulu, Netflix, Pandora you must be from USA or you should try VPN. Everyone cannot afford the private VPN monthly so they will opt for a free VPN, but Free VPN won’t help you much at all. So I found a very easy way to access those content of  Hulu, Netflix, Pandora outside US. Tutorial To start […] Continue reading →