How to setup Google offline mail

Ever thought that.. Gmail can be possible without net connection?? Let us suppose an incident will occur..Ur working at the office …next day will be a presentation of yours..So all the documents are kept in the mail…so he /she thinks, that let’s download the document at office WiFi connection… So its a bad luck tat […] Continue reading →

How to digg your post automatically

DIGGING IS DONE AUTOMATICALLY 1. For this automatic digging, you need to have a latest Digg invitation 2. Create an account if you are new 3. Then goto LATEST DIGG this is the url of the new digg login 4. After logging in you can see at top right “setting”. Click on that 5. Then click on […] Continue reading →

How to change the Google logo in your Chrome browser

GOOGLE logo is the image which we see most of the times when we open the Google homepage. If you’re bored of using same old Google logo, then its time for change 🙂 According to your likes, here we provide the steps to change the Google logo in your Chrome Browser. TUTORIAL FOR CHANGING LOGO 1. Open up your Chrome Browser 2. […] Continue reading →

How to make Article Directory website in WordPress

FEATURES OF ARTICLE DIRECTORY WORDPRESS TEMPLATE Supports WordPress starting from version 2.3 and above. Simple and handy design using CSS. The structure of categories is the multilevel list which can be altered easily with CSS, as you need. The parent category has the<div> container to mark it out with CSS as a parent. Parent category is showing […] Continue reading →

Niche got changed! Readers and visitors note this!

WE HAVE CHANGED THE WEBSITE NICHE  Instead of downloading software’s, we are providing the best ever known tutorials.  As the software’s are available everywhere and tutorials are hard to find,, we come up with this idea. And we are adding the best plugins of the Chrome, Firefox, WordPress. We are now enhanced now it will include: […] Continue reading →

Easier way to make flash gallery – DF GALLERY

TUTORIAL VIDEO FEATURES OF FLASH GALLERY Embedthe Gallery anywhere [Blog, Facebook, Myspace.] Themes– Change the layout and the presentation of the gallery [advanced] Skins– Simply edit a PNG file to change the whole look if your gallery [Skin guide in the package] Flickr– Gets every Flickr album of any user [API key customizable] Picasa– Load […] Continue reading →

Google maps for your web browsers

FOR GOOGLE CHROME MINI GOOGLE MAPS Mini Google Maps comes in handy when you’re looking for browsing on a map but want to find it quickly and get the job done. By clicking on the extension single toolbar button, the map will be opened instantly on top of the popup box. Once done, close the […] Continue reading →