Youtube channels -Explore it

Youtube is the best video sharing website in the world 🙂 It is owned by Google. Thousands of videos are uploading and downloading from youtube every hour. As the youtube user, we can know that the youtube is used only for entertainment…but there are more hidden treasures hidden inside the youtube channels. Youtube can be […] Continue reading →

Competition -win Solar Mobile Charger

WIN SOLAR MOBILE CHARGER Hello, Facebook users, now time to win a solar mobile charger. Anyone can participate and win RULES : 1. YOU HAVE TO LIKE THE FACEBOOK FAN PAGE OF SOFTWAREBUZZER 2. You have suggest the softwarebuzzer fan page to all your facebook friends 3. If you have more friends, then we have an idea […] Continue reading →

Gmail Backup

Gmail is the product of the Google, and most of the internet users are shifted from yahoo, bing,and other mailing services to the gmail ,Now a days lot of research is going on Gmail , and other products of the Google The Gmail is used by most of the internet users so a Gmail users […] Continue reading →

How to install Android on Nokia N900

The Nokia N900 phone is a Meamo OS , Now the famous Google’s Android OS can be installed on the N900 phone using NITdroid , we will show how to install os in windows and ubuntu Install from WINDOWS # this video show the installing the android os on N900 using the windows operating sytem […] Continue reading →