How To Repair Corrupted RAR Archives

Many times we download some files in RAR format and sometimes the files downloaded are shown as corrupted and it cannot be extracted. In this cases, Auto Unpack from windows can help us, but 1/100 times this method can also be helpless. So in this kind of situation Recovery Toolbar for RAR can help you solving your […] Continue reading →

How To Store Files In Gmail With Gmail Drive

Do you have important file with images, documents, pdf, etc.?. We don’t know when there will be hardware or software crashes. Due to crash all your important files will be lost. Now, let’s get to the point.  Gmail allows us to use around 7.5 gb of space just for emails/chats, etc. More than 90% of […] Continue reading →

How To Protect Your Computer With UAC Process Analyzer

User account control(UAC) protects your system from virus and malwares from infected scripts and applications, and it doesn’t allow them to explore your administrative privileges. If an application is trying to write to system locations it will prompt to enter admin password to standard users to let the application to write to the folders and locations, […] Continue reading →

How To Take Control Of Facebook Tagging Features

Facebook Tagging is a pretty awesome feature its helping in notifying the tagged person makes him reply fast. It takes conversations to the next level. But I saw many apps are “10 ten friends”, etc., these apps are generated automatically and you will be tagged. So when someone has commented on your tagged photo then […] Continue reading →

How To Add Lyrics to iTunes Music Library

Want to Add Lyrics to iTunes music in an easy way? Rather than adding it manually from the Get Info lyrics tab? Adding it in this way could be frustrating because it’s difficult to always select a song and then find its lyrics from the lyrics repositories and then adding it to the song manually. […] Continue reading →

How To Improve Your English Speaking Skills Using VocabTest

Using VocabTest you can improve your English skills, it comes with different lists under different categories. There are three different categories “Elementary, intermediate and advanced.”  The pre-built lists are mainly designed for USA students. You can also add custom lists. The inbuilt list has words meaning under categories “phonetic symbols, synonyms, and antonyms”. Now if you think you have perfectly […] Continue reading →