Onavo Count App For Planned Data Usages

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What is a Smart Phone without Data Connectivity …

Navigation, Social Media, Browsing, Synch with other apps and Mails, etc. have become primary requisite when you hit the road these days, though we use hours of Wi-Fi it is just not enough. Having said that, there are times where requisite becomes luxury and cripples the budget. Is there any way to keep the Data Bill in check? Yes, Onavo Count comes to the rescue!

data usage

Onavo aims at managing the Data Plans and Bills effectively. The Android App Onavo Count empowers the users for the best usage of Capped Data Plans and Data Connectivity while roaming. It monitors where every bit and byte of your Data is used.

Cool about it:

  • Three widgets that show how, how much and for which app you have used your data.
  • Triggers notification when nearing Capped Data Limit
  • Warns if an app consumes a lot of data
  • Sleek UI
  • Advice and grade your amount of usage based on your monthly cap and bill cycle
  • Calculates every aspect of Data consumption

Avoid Bloated Bills

Let us save some money here. Set your Data limit and Bill cycle in Data Plan Advice Widget. That’s all it takes for Onavo Count to estimate your Data usage and predict if your current data plan would hold good for you or not. With Graphs! This helps you stay within your Data limit. In the case, it goes overboard, next widget comes into the picture.

Watch out for Data Hoggers

Onavo Count’s App Watch lists all your apps that consume Data in ascending order. You can view which apps have hogged more data over a period of the month, week or day. Further, triggers can be set for each app if consumption of Data is more. Or you can also restrict that particular app’s Data Usage.

Do you overspend?

It gets hectic when you cross your Data Limit and overspend without knowing it. Usage Profile graphs your usage against the time span and major Data Hoggers. It also depicts whether or not you current plan suits your usage.

Using Onavo Count you can change the view to day or week or month and check your usage. No need to waste time calculating your usage to stay in check.

If you are an ICS user

If your Android OS is upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich, you can effectively use Data Usage Settings to monitor your Carrier Usage or Wi-Fi usage or both. ICS also estimates Data usage with graphs and set Data Limit for your cycle. It extensively shows how much background and foreground data used by every app and allows you to block it if necessary. Data used while Roaming too.

So why would you choose Onavo Count… As it computes and predicts your Data usage and suggest whether or not your plan is good for you; with respect to your current data used, is checked. Not just that… For Android v 4.0, Onavo Extend grabs the center stage as it helps to extend your data plan and browse more than usual well within your Data Cap! But watch out some phones doesn’t support VPN so Onavo Extend cannot be used. Others enjoy extending the value of your existing data plans easily.

Make the best use of your Data now. Onavo Count stands far ahead of the other Data monitors for its features and cool UI with graphs. And it is FREE! Don’t think twice here and Download Onavo Count.

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