WHY CDN is must for every website these days? Try MAXCDN with 25% OFF

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MaxCDN is a content delivery network and helps to increase the website speed thus loading the web pages at blazing fast. Every day new technology advancement comes. Are we adapting to the new tech or the changes? That’s the big question we need to ask to ourselves. What if I told you the thing I am going to say in this post can increase your online income. Excited? Let’s get started…

You just bought your domain and hosted online. That’s great to hear and congrats. Did you ever check the website loading speed of it?


Don’t know how to check the website speed?

Here is the link to test your website loading speed


What if your sites loads are 20 seconds? OMG, 20 seconds ..Sorry I don’t have the patience to wait for 20 seconds to get the webpage load. SO what I do is get back to search results and click on the other link.

What you observing here?

You’re losing a valuable customer. So every visitor valuable for you right? Now here, you can learn a lot about website speed and why it is valuable.

Buying dedicated server can increase the speed of the site?

You should be smart works instead of spending lot of money. So How can I increase the website speed with low cost?

The Answer is MAXCDN 😀 Just 9$ Per month investment you can increase the loading speed of the website without upgrading your website hosting plans. So thus you saved $100+ per month  and you will get good ROI.

How MaxCDN Helps my websites?

MAX”CDN” = Content delivery Network.

So content delivery network will have servers all over the world. Those servers stores all your static content like images, CSS, JavaScript and other files. If a customer visit from USA then from the nearest MAXCDN server will get your static information + remaining website data. The final loading speed will improve and site loads in less than 5 seconds.



Right now, site load improved from 20 seconds to 5 seconds and so every visitor will be happy and don’t have to wait for site loading. Thus leading you to more sales/ leads from your site.

Finally, your income from the website Improved! I practically implemented this CDN technique in my websites, Internet Marketing campaigns and seen a huge bump in the sales/ leads.

EveryOne Happy 🙂

Which plan is best for me?

If you’re just starting out then every single $ spent will feel the burden. Luckily Maxcdn has a starter plan for just 9$ per month and you will get 100GB monthly transfer. You can add two websites on this page. Check the plans information below.


maxcdn plans

MaxCDN Plans-MaxCDn is content delivery network

Before MaxCDN plan was like yearly payment and they have changed to a monthly plan. Now everyone can afford to test it and if it works you can continue the plan.

Good news for new customers: MaxCDN has 30 day’s money back guarantee so the 9$ spent is not waste at all. If you’re not happy with the service, you can get it back.

Here is the deal for you,  what if I give you 25% OFF discount coupon code will you give a try? If yes then click the link below to get your coupon.

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