How To create Live Streaming Using AmazonCloudFront And Adobe Flash Media Server – amazon cloudfront.

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Creating a live streaming using Amazon CloundFront and Adobe Flash media server is easy and the entire tutorial is given. When you need to live, stream a program for a limited time and limited resources you no need to worry about server, money and all. Just Switch to Amazon web services and sing up for an account. Verify your Amazon account and activate your Amazon cloud front and finally you need to order Adobe Flash media server too sign up an order it too.
amazon cloud front

the Entire tutorial is present here

Adobe Documentation

Using Adobe Flash Media Server on Amazon Web Services

Adobe Cross Domain Policy File Specification

Adobe Flash media Live Encoder and

Video: Encoding and Transcoding Recommendations for HTTP Dynamic Streaming on the Adobe Flash Platform


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6 thoughts on “How To create Live Streaming Using AmazonCloudFront And Adobe Flash Media Server – amazon cloudfront.

  1. Nice documentation to work with… 🙂

  2. I’m Impressed with info. you sharing with us and also with layout
    I’m looking forward to see your blogs 🙂

  3. pretty technical, good post though. Helpful.

  4. Hi Suresh,

    Its been ages since I have worked with Adobe Flash, frankly saying it is just confusing me, I also design website and also few projects, and design my own thesis skins. However I also hate working with photoshop I knew it the best editing software, but I prefer using fireworks.

    However documentations are promising let me give a try and learn some thing in adobe flash.

    Thanks for sharing

  5. Hi Sureshkumar ,
    It is a very nice and informative tutorial.Thanks for sharing your information on how to create live streaming.

  6. Hi,Suresh,
    thanks for the sites you gave and put on the list,it sure can come handy to many bloggers or just about to anyone that is in search for this sort of information.
    I am going to check it out in more details.
    Thanks a lot for posting!

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