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Karaoke is a Free Android App to sing your own song and broadcast it online for free! Unleash your talent and sing along to the Background music. It is for anyone who is more than a bathroom singer.

PureSolo is a platform that encourages budding, talented singers and instrumentalists to record their own songs and post it in PureSolo site for some time. If you are lucky, you might get noticed by your Favourite Music composer. Yeah, so download your track and start singing now. We sure would like new voices booming out of our Radios.

To grab world’s attention by your singing talent all you need is

  1. Android Mobile with v2.3 and above
  2. Headphones for finest recordings
  3. PureSolo’sKaraoke app and your awesome voice

Check, check and check? Then find the track you want to record your voice and go on the air! Here is a glimpse of the Karaoke app.

Song download

Karaoke Free Android App. Download Now

Karaoke gives one free track to start with. So choose well as you cannot change your free track once chosen.

Sing and Record

After choosing your song, chant along with the lyrics displayed at perfectly paced time intervals – This sheet music are helpful for instrumentalists as well.

It shows the time for instruments as well exactly. So that you can prepare yourself well  for the next stance and also do your inhale, exhale thingy.


With these sound configurations mentioned (Room, Studio, Gig, Arena) become a cool music composer and also mix you track dominating the Backing with your vocal or otherwise.  Simple UI gives a slider to raise the karaoke or your voice at any part of the song. After you have mixed it and selected the favourable configuration, you can simply save the track and upload it.

Save and upload

Now the artist can upload the song in PureSolo site after logging in with your profile or with Facebook. There you get your own place for showcasing your flair for singing with other artists. PureSolo’s Karaoke also allows you to easily share your music tracks through social sites with integrated Facebook share and Twitter icons.

If you don’t have a profile in PureSolo, you can instantly create one right from your app itself too.

Karaoke comes handy for the artists who couldn’t wait to expose their talents to the world and striving for recognition.

Karaoke features at a glance:

  • App tosing along and record your own track.
  • Broadcastyour recorded song online for free.
  • Gives avariety of updated song lists to choose the karaoke music from.
  • First track karaoke isfree.
  • Shareit with everyone after uploading.
  • EasyRecognition and journey to fame.

As PureSolo has always proven to support the talents this time, it makes it easy for anyone to just grab the mic and see how far they could reach with their singing talents. With good graphics and feasible features Karaoke is a good app to be recommended. Though, you could opt for Start Maker, which gives more free songs if you are an iOS user. It is worth spending money for few tracks to follow your dream right from where you’re. Catch your song at PureSolo.com soon!

Karaoke App Download Here

Size: 13 Mb

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