iOS 7 Coolest Feature is Find My iPhone App Security

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We love technology as the day passed we get new technology and Apple always surprise us with their updates, Unique things, etc. So like that iPhone is part of Apple Inc, The cost of the iPhone starts from $699 (just an example). So you have spent all the money in it and bought the lovely iPhone. When you go for a picnic or anywhere and you lost it then what do you do?  Your money lost? No, Not at all. It’s safe and let me explain you clearly.

Do update the iPhone OS to iOS 7 because in this OS update Find My iPhone App comes with really cool features which help you get your iPhone back. Feeling relaxed? Yeah, it’s so cool  and I was totally amazed by this super duper feature. Let’s get into detail below.

The new features from Find, my App comes, are:

  • If you lost your iPhone then, you could track the whereabouts the iPhone location.
  • The coolest feature is “EVEN if you format the iPhone, The Person has to enter the Apple ID and password to activate the ”
  • So if you don’t enter the information then phone won’t be activated and it’s totally dead phone.
  • If a person did the hard reset or format, he cannot active still.
  • You can set it up a customs message if the phone is lost, Like This phone is lost call me at this number “997343823”. There are people who are very helpful so you may get the phone back.
find my iphone

iOS 7 Features

  • If people don’t get you the phone then try to use it or reset the phone so they have to enter the iTunes account details, since it’s difficult to break By that time, we can trace out the phone location and get it back.

find my iphone erase screen

I feel this is the coolest feature in iOS7 because the data we store in iPhone worth millions of $$. So we take days, months, years to collect those precious moments and if we lose them? We are lost. With this Find my iPhone app feature, you can seriously get you iPhone back and makes your life way easier.

What do you think of this feature? I feel it’s worth the money because everyone feels Apple gadgets are costly but still with this kind of features makes more secure and confident.

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