iCleaner – Must Install Cydia App for iOS Devices

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iCleaner is a must needed app in your iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad mini. If you’re an iOS user then, you’re aware that you cannot able to extend your phone memory by inserting SD cards etc.. So you need to adjust with the limited memory you have. IPhone 4 have 8GB version too and  think of them if we install 4 High-end games like infinity blade, Real racing then it will occupy around 5 GB of space and users left with 1 or 2 GB space.



This is insane, If you hold a 16GB in your devices then you can be okay with couple of HD games, Apps, some songs etc.. This is the reason I recommend at least 32 GB version of the iOS gadget. Now the point is how to make the most use of the 16 GB version iOS devices? Have you heard that every OS has log files, temporary data, cache data etc.. If we can able to delete that then we can clean up some space for new apps, then I stumbled upon an app called “iCleaner”.

iCleaner is a cleaning app which cleans all your temporary, cache, junk data from your devices. You need to jailbreak your iOS devices and with the help of  Cydia, you can install this iCleaner app. The app is available for free and compatible for all iOS devices.

How to Install the iCleaner?

  • Jailbreak your iOS
  • Open Cydia app on your iOS device.
  • search for a name in Cydia search box and type “iCleaner”
  • you will find the iCleaner app install it
  • The app will be installed

How to Use iCleaner?

  • The app icon is created after installing iCleaner
  • Click on the app to start
  • Analyze your data in iOS device
  • Clean up
  • You will get some room for your new apps , games etc

  • So you now free of  some memory then you can use the same memory space for installing a new app or uploading pics or anything you can do with free So the main goal of installing this app is free up junk data and making the most out of the limited space you have in your iOS devices. Everyone cannot afford 32 GB or 64 GB version of the IOS device then for those  you must install the icleaner app.
  • I am an  iOs user since 2 years Ipersonally recommend installing this app and by deleting the junk data, it will free up space as well as improve the performance of the devices.  If you like the post share with your friends.

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2 thoughts on “iCleaner – Must Install Cydia App for iOS Devices

  1. Sounds more like a ccleaner, but for iOS device. There are few more apps like it. Does it cleans up data of cydia apps as well? or Is it limited to iTunes apps?

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