How-to Watch 3d Movies from normal videos

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Watch any video or slideshow, play games or use Google Earth in 3D, on any PC or notebook using this small application named TriDef

You can select the 3D capability of your hardware and utilize it, or else rely on the standard two-color anaglyphic glasses. We talked about presentations in 3D, but this software doesn’t natively support this functionality. Instead, we found this out when we converted our slides to PNG and JPEG images and played them using this software. Let’s see how you can use some of its features.

After installing the software, run the display setup from the Utility folder. The software will try to detect your 3D hardware and if it doesn’t find one, it will show this screen.
Here you can manually select your 3D hardware. And if you don’t have any, select anaglyphic glasses.
The drop down list shows different options for anaglyphic glasses. For example, red/cyan or green/purple,, etc.. Select the color that matches with the glasses you have.
After you can run the TriDef 3D experience application, you will see this screen. Here you can select the application you want to run.
Clicking on ‘Play 3D game’ will show you all the games on your machine that are supported by TriDef. You will also see Google Earth if installed.
TriDef has more than 60 pre-configured game profiles and you can even make one by clicking on the Add button. You’ll get the above screen, where you can create custom profiles.
This is how Google Maps looks in 3D. You can run it in 3D by just clicking on the Experience Google Earth button in the TriDef 3D experience window.
To run a video in 3D, simply run the TriDef 3D movie player and select a 2D movie file.



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