Get Shipment Tracking Information Automatically To Your Email Inbox

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As the eCommerce is booming these days, people buy a lot of things on their computers as well as mobiles.  During the last year on the eve of Black Friday more sales were made by using  iPad tablets. So mobile eCommerce is booming like any and when you order online you need to track to find whereabouts your shipment. If you’re an a busy person, you may forget your shipments then it leads to missing the shipment when it arrives. Since you’re  not aware when the shipment going to reach your home/ office.

Shipment Tracking

To solve this simple problem, I found a simple solution and the solution is 100% FREE. 

This method works only for USPS (The United State Postal Service ), UPS ( United Parcel Service ), FEDEX, Ontrac, and DHL/Airborne.

All we need is IFTTT Account(  and Email (like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.,

IFTTT ( If This/Then That) is a web service which helps us to achieve in this task of Automatic shipment Tracking.

To get Start the process:

  1. You need to be ready with IFTTT Account and email account.
  2. Head over to this recipe

  1.  Enter a Tracking Number

enter tracking number

  1. Once you get enter the tracking number, you will get the tracking information in your Email inbox when there are updates.

tracking information on email

So by using the IFTTT, we can achieve the task of tracking the shipment automatically. The information will be emailed to you directly. My goal is to make the best use of the Internet and technology with the available resources to solve the problems.

Until then Keep Rocking!

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  1. If you don’t use IFTTT you are not a true geek 8)

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