How-to : Get the updates of website by message alert

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Every blogger or website owner want to utilize the maximum resources to make his blog/ website popular and also get updates of the blog /websites to the visitors , the resources most of them uses are emails, Facebook, twitter, etc,

If there is any services which can get updates on the website directly into the visitors will be awesome that too free of cost , yeah,, there is, and  going to write tutorial about it here.


  • Create the Gmail account if you already have it, that’s great 🙂
  •  After creating the gmail account you have to click the following link


  • We are using free services of Google SMS channel which is free of cost and it’s zero investing
  • After opening the page, you can see the page at the right side you can see like below

  • So you click on TRY NOW option
  • You can see the following page below

  • You have to entire SMS Channel Name, description, category, location,
  • You’re making SMS alerts  for the website so choose Rss /Atom feed: and entire your website feed URL
  •  You can get your website feed at FeedBurner
  •  For Blogspot users type your blog URL in the first option
  •  So now come to final step “Delivery status” different options present for this they are
    • Throughout the day
    • Once a day at noon
    • Once a day at morning
    • Once a day at evening
    • Twice a day
    • Three times a day
    • Four times a day
    • Daytime every two hours
    • Daytime every hour

My best opinion go for limited message updates because, the visitors get irritated by your SMS alerts, so be careful

If you have any queries or comments, Plz does comment

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