How To Run Your Favorite Android Apps And Games On Windows 7

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Now anyone can enjoy the Android apps, you can now install and Run Android applications, games on  Windows 7  too. Android platform is developing day by day and one of the main reason for its development is the apps and the games department, many people love them to play on their phone, but everyone doesn’t have Android phone and still wants to play them, well you can run those apps and games on your Windows using Bluestacks. Bluestack is  an app which runs all Android apps and games on your Windows in full-screen mode. It comes with 10 pre-loaded apps, and you can also select and add custom apps to it. There are 2 ways to add custom apps, one is download it from the web and the second one is by using cloud connect.Let’s get dive into a tutorial.


  • Download the app from the web, install it. After you install the app, a gadget will appear on your screen, by clicking on the app it will expand a app tray.

  • Then select any app and click on it, after you click on the app it will run in full screen.

  • At the bottom of the app you will get a total of  6 options.

From left to right

  1. Back(Navigation)
  2. Menu(App settings)
  3. Rotate app(Changes the angle)
  4. Zoom
  5. All apps
  6. Close(Closes the app/game)
  • Now if you want to add some more apps to your Bluestack app tray, you must click on “Get more apps” in Bluestack gadget tray.

  • After you click on it, your browser will open blue stack channels, first of all you will have to log in with you Facebook id and then give permission to this app. Then the channels will open, select and add any app of your wish.

  • You can also add apps to this tray from your phone, for that you will first have to install the Bluestack cloud connect to your phone from the Android Then you must open thecloud connect page on your System browser to generate a phone pin, enter the pin on your phone and then tap ok. Now you must be able to see all your apps inside Bluestack cloud connect, select any app and push it to your System.

  • Once you push the apps to your PC, you will have to wait for some time for the apps to sync, once the sync is completed you can use those apps on your PC.
  • It’s a great app which runs on its own medium to transfer apps.

Note: You can only download 26 apps to the tray excluding the 10 pre-loaded apps and currently there is no premium version available. The app runs on windows vista and windows 7.

Download Bluestacks


Running Android applications and games on the computer will be a greater advantages. Since for a developer, they can test the app or game without any  Android phone for testing in initial stages. For students who don’t have android phone they still can’t enjoy the awesome apps, games of Android using this tutorial.

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3 thoughts on “How To Run Your Favorite Android Apps And Games On Windows 7

  1. Hi suresh… thanks for this tutorial, Now I cn even play Android games on my windows 7.. Gracias!

  2. Dost thanks for ur support, it is possible to download temple run of xp sp3, guide me

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