How To Remove Your Tag From Inappropriate Images On Facebook

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Recently I was tagged on Inappropriate images on my Facebook profile. So this will cause damage to my personal profile and brand reputation.So Facebook now a day become spam den and many people are tagged for unwanted images it will really kill your profile dignity. So here I come with a tutorial how to remove your tag from unwanted pictures.

Tutorial- Remove Your Tag From Inappropriate Images On Facebook

  • Log on to your Facebook
  • Check if you’re tagged with unwanted images Then click on After knowing the fact, the tagged picture is done by an unknown person or page.
  • Then Check your wall and Find the images that you  have been
  • Then Click On Remove Option. Check for an option “ Remove Post and Untag.”

delete the pictues which you have tagged

  • check below for the picture I tagged and I removed the picture in my profile.

remove unwanted tagged pictures in facebook

  • So Finally I untag the image which is inappropriate and deleted the post in my wall.

Conclusion: –

Facebook  Now a day becomes as a profile branding. So it’s our right to protect it and make it safer and More Professional. So follow the Tutorial Provided above and remove the unwanted stuff from your facebook profiles.

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12 thoughts on “How To Remove Your Tag From Inappropriate Images On Facebook

  1. I baadddlyyy needed this! People really do irritate with these useless tags… Good post!! 😀

    • yea priyanka, your correct. This kind of post irritates me also 🙁 , so i found the way and wrote tutorial on it so that the people who are facing problem like this can get a solution.

  2. I guess one setting is also there, if you select no tags no one will be able to tag you in any photos.

  3. I have recently noticed this image on one of my fb frnd profile… at that time I didnt knew that it was something like this lolz….

  4. Hi,Suresh,
    this is a very common problem, and as people should have a right for privacy of their data (even it is hard to speak about privacy on social network), the fact stays that certain steps should be fortaken in order to take care of these occuring problems.
    Thanks for sharing this guideline with us.

  5. well i don’t really bother to remove this kind of tags…kidding, actually facebook has changed more things to remove tags as well as ur removing tags will be counted on his profile rank that is not visible but effected if 50 – 70 people remove tags the post automatically vanished away…

  6. Even Mark Zukenberk could not help me out on this .. thanks suresh … u did it

  7. really nice article..thnx for sharing..

  8. that’s nice you wrote a good article for tagging on Facebook . i am sick of this useless tagging . sometimes i get embarrassed when some tag me in a very dirty pic .

  9. How do I get this stuff off my ipad2

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