How to Prevent Email And Other Phishing Scams

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In many cases, fraud is usually done with the help of the user himself who can often be naïve and does not know how to protect himself from possible Phishing scams. Even if emails received seem legitimate, as they manage to replicate the looks of the original site, caution must be taken in order to avoid being tricked into something really costly. Preventing email scams completely is almost impossible, so measures need to be taken by both companies and users. In this way, there is a chance to reduce the potential of being drawn into Phishing scams.

There are some simple steps anyone can take in order to get as much protection as possible. They are straightforward enough for anyone to follow and, by doing so,, the danger of scams may be avoided.

  • Do not click hyperlinks in emails if you are not sure of its source t.of I Many emails are full of such hyperlinks and some may even be hidden. In many cases, the text, which appears as a hyperlink, may be connected to some other destination. It is better to type the URL in the browser or contact the company on the phone if you are interested in the offer presented.
  • Another important thing, to do, is use anti-spam software. This type of software filters the emails and it is really useful as more than 85% of the received emails are spam and of those, many are attempted fraud. Without having such software, users spend a lot of time trying to sort out which is genuine and which is not. Such filters will drastically reduce the number of bad emails the consumer gets in the inbox.
  • The use of good anti-virus software is essential for high protection against worm and Trojan attacks. The software will detect and delete any virus file before it gets a chance to attack the computer. Also, the user needs to keep the virus database updated with the files offered by the producer. Many viruses are able to search the computer for personal data and pass it to the cons.
  • A personal firewall is a good tool which monitors all traffic from a given computer. It will give a specific view of both ins and outs and it can offer protection if a hacking attempt is in progress. This means that the viruses cannot be planted so easily and that the program will restrict access to spyware, worms and Trojans prevent them from sending information via the Internet.
  • It is important to keep all software updated, including browsers, anti-virus, and the operating system. In this way, the vulnerabilities found by hackers can easily be corrected by producers and this gives extra protection to the users. All the updates and patches have to be downloaded from the vendor websites only. If there is an automatic update service, it is good to be subscribed to it as it gives more certainty of the availability? Of the update.
  • If a website requests personal information, it is good to check if it has a padlock in the address bar or the https at the beginning of this address. This means that the site is protected by SSL protocol and the information inserted cannot be attacked by a third party. If the website does not have these two things, it is definitely not secure and should be avoided.
  • Cleaning the computer from spyware and adware is essential because they tend to install without previous notice. They usually let companies monitor browsing patterns and increase the number of pop-ups while browsing. This usually happens after downloading music or other types of files when the computer could have easily been infected. It is good to have a trustworthy spyware removal program for it all.
  • Keeping yourself educated about the scams on the internet is a good way of protecting yourself. The methods of online fraud are more and more diverse as time passes so all  users should be aware of the persuasiveness of hackers. Reading something about internet fraud can help a lot because, in this way, the user will be connected to the changes in fraudulent techniques. For the ones who do not know where to start, the FraudWatch International website offers free consultation and also a number of examples of fraudulent activity. You can even receive updates and newsletters in order to remain connected and protected.
  • If, by any chance, someone has responded to a Phishing email, there is the possibility of being the victim of identity theft. This means that checking the credit report at once is a must. In this way, you will be sure that any suspicious activity involving the use of your personal data is monitored and, as soon as anything happens, you will be alerted.
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