How To Increase Your Torrent Download Speed With CheatEngine

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Now Increase  Torrents Download speed with the cheat engine software which is free to download. No need to pay penny more  for increasing your torrent Download speed. By using the cheat engine the torrents speed gets doubles , you just need to tweak some setting in the cheat engines and it makes your torrents download speed faster.Its very easy and even an non-programmers ,kids also can make the following settings. Just follow the tutorial carefully.

torrent download speed
double your torrents download speed


Tutorial- Double Your Torrent Download Speed

  • Download the Torrent client to your computer like Utorrent and install it .
  • Now Download the Cheat Engine to your computer and install-

Download link of Cheat Engine

  • After installing both the Utorrent and Cheat Engine open both.
  • Switch To Cheat engine now, Now you can see a “computer like symbol” . It is used the open the processes running in your system.
  • Open it and choose the Utorrent process and after selecting click “open”.
  • Now again repeat the same step as above  , now click on “Attach debugger to process”.
  • You will get a message to press yes or No. Click on Yes.
  • Now you have to Enable Speedhack and make the speed limit to 0.5
  • Now finally you have to click on “Apply” .
  • Don’t close the Cheat engine , just minimize it and After few seconds you can observer increase in the Torrent download speed.



Finally you have doubled your torrent download speed with the free software called cheat engine. Now enjoy the torrent speed . If you have more queries drop the comment below .

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  1. says

    Yes Suresh, you are right. My Speed increased by 100%.

    I did this extra: Just replace 0.5 again with 0.25 and then stop your torrentz download and start it again. Wait for 2-3 mins and hurray ! you have tripled your speed. :) Enjoy this tip from me :P

  2. says

    This is fascinating, Suresh!This cheat engine for torrent will come as a salvation, as it is something that really can help out…we are all in need of higher speeds.It can be frustrating when you wait for something to be downloaded and seems like it takes a whole eternity.

  3. says

    this is a myth i tried this many times in utorrent vuze everything. the most it will do is make the software crash. no real down speed changes

  4. says


    I cant believe it.. :D

    But i have a problem.. the speed is not constant.. you know.. i used to get 60-70 KBPS and now my speed sometimes touch 120KBPS but sooner or later it comes down to 50-60 KBPS… :(

    What shall i do.. ?

  5. phanindra says

    thanks buddy. The torrent downlds are a big mess. I will start trying nw. will this software can also increase the speeds of other sftwres like IDM, accelerator, orbit etc etc. pls tell what r the other uses of this sftwre

  6. harshil says

    it does not increase the actual download speed . yes it shows 550 kbps but when there remains ETA 5 min ( remaining time ) it takes about 40 – 45 mins to complete. so in the end it takes as much time as it takes without cheat engine. it is my exp. anyone is having the same?

    • Debanjan says

      Same dude. I dug deeper & found the program’s clock is being affected. So the torrent client is slower in this case than normal time. So it calculates 2 sec data as a single sec data & gives you a performance enhancement. You can confirm this by running some network monitor which shows no change in data transfer.

  7. Mayank says

    I think its just a visual delight, not really affecting the download rate rather than just showing the speeds sky high, actual speed remains unaffected, i tried that…. but yeah worth a try. :)

  8. Harshit Prakash says

    It’s really effective.

    I am now using the same tweak with my Firefox too and the Youtube videos are buffering at a faster rate !

  9. Souvik S says

    I downloaded the Cheat Engine software from the link,
    and installed it as you said. I use Bittorrent 7.5.
    Initially, my speed increased to 50.6 kB/s from 22-something kB/s, but after few seconds, the speed drastically falls below 5 kB/s and after that, my client stops responding. The torrent which was downloading has a seed/peer ratio of 228/236
    My OS is Windows 7 Professional 32 bit.
    Can you explain this.

  10. lOL says

    Its not Cheat engine… it a LOL engine ! Fudu kheech engine.. ! xD doesn’t really affect anything ! :D Just messes with time basically.. and visually it only shows high speed , but practically nothing happens

  11. sudheer says

    thanks for your tip. my actual speed is 25 kBps, and increasing to 60 kBps.But the speed is maintaining only for a couple of minutes and also it is returning to zero bytes. could you help.

  12. Shishir says

    It shows that speed has increased but actually it doesn’t.It shows 200-300kbps but takes 20 sec to download 1 mb.This should be done a lot faster if the speed would have been real.Any suggestions.

  13. supriya says

    Friends that does not work…..those high speeds wat u r seeing are just displayed….Actually it will be downloading in its original speed…..
    Just think out…compare the time taken to download a file with and without cheat engine…the time taken is always same….check out by a clock or something….You will definitely come to know…..ITS 100% TRUE….They are just displayed…Cheat engine is cheating u….

  14. bikash says

    it’s not real cuz you can’t increase you speed… i check it.. it only decrease the time so your download speed seem increasing but in real it’s not… i fact it decreases…..wanna check take stop watch and record the download time of 1 mb while in 0.5 an in 10…. dambass

  15. bikash says

    and 1 more thing you can try… set the speed to 0 and wait for 5 min.. n set it to 0.5 .. your speed whill increas to 500kbps if you have 15kbps.. n agian quickly set it to 00… you speeed will stuck to 500kbps but you real downloding sped wwil remain same that is 15 kbps

  16. says

    I’ve seen it and never used but I can tell you one simple thing and that is software can’t make speed faster with a torrent, only the seeders and leechers can decide what speed upload they allow. Cheat Engine can’t change that. Plus it’s also a matter of your client (ie uTorrent) that updates itself so I don’t see any purpose in another program that change any of that or help

    This happens because CheatEngine only slows down the clock step for uTorrent. It does absolutely NOTHING to change the speed of your internet connection.

    Since you download the same amount of information that you would have normally, but uTorrent records it happening in 1/10th the time, and as a result calculates inaccurate speeds.

    , Basically just take for example (The average speed is 655 KB/s If you do that it makes it 6.5 MB/s just divide 6500 by 10 and what do you get? 655 KB/s. It just slows utorrent down

  17. korahlucky6 says


  18. and123 says

    man it only shows that speeds increases but it always remain same it is good method to trick your friends that your speeds increases

  19. Karthik says

    Bro.!! it is CHEAT engine.. It just shows that higher speeds, but does not REALLY increase.

    I tested this software.

    Bro… this software is just for cheating YOURSELF. If you want to know the truth, compare your actual speed using Windows 7 Network Meter Gadget (which shows actual hardware capacity and corresponding speed of download) with that of utorrent.

    So, better stop CHEATING yourself by using CHEAT ENGINE…

  20. says

    hello suresh i followed all the steps and my torrent speed was increased once but next day when i tried it , it was not working so plz guide me what should i do. plz reply soon.

  21. abdul hanan says

    only utorrent is showing more downloading speed but there is no effect on downloading percentage plz tell me what i can do…

  22. NIcks says

    why set limit to 0.5 ?? why not higher than that ??? any particular reason ??? hoping for reply .. nicks signing out ..

  23. Sachin says

    Indeed..!!!! It’s a Cheat Engine in a real Sense…… Just displays a high speed…nothing else…..Fake….!!!!!….I would advise not to go for it…..

  24. Hermanto says

    Hey Buddy. thx alot for the trick. but seems down speed really gone higher as double. my question “is this just to show/appear it goes faster but downloading still as same as before?”

  25. Nid says

    Wooow!!!!!!!!U r great. I was looking for this type of post in internet for a long last i found it.before applying this my was 80-90 KB/ i get 180-200 KB/s.Thanks a lot man. Everyone should try this:)

  26. Venem says

    I have windows 8, Bit Torrent 7.7.2, and the Cheat Engine 6.2 all installed on my computer. I open both Bit Torrent and Cheat Engine, follow the directions and next thing I know; I get a pop up saying that Bit Torrent CRASH and unable to generate crash dump. I need help. I have already removed both programs completely and reinstalled them, same thing happens. Any suggestions?

  27. Mohammed Ajmal Sheriff.F says

    At very first i believed it works..But its not true..when cheat engine is started…Torrent only shows like its speed doubled..But the download will be normal…If you want to cross check..see the bit rate in your Network connection status..The rate fluctuation will be same with cheat engine and without it…So dont waste ur time in it..

  28. Josh says

    Hey software buzzer,

    I wanted to point out that this method doesn’t actuall increase the rate of download, it just slows the utorrent process by 50%. As the download speed remains constant utorrent thinkgs its downloading more more per second, as every second is actually 2 seconds.

    Anyways, speed hack can speed or slow a process, but not a download speed.

    Great share though, look into this further, it has been disproved several times.

  29. shiva says

    actually i tried the cheat engine to increase my download speed but problem is it is only changes the values in utorrent nothing much is changes with that………actually my download speed is 85-90 ofcource when i used the cheat engine it goes 700kbps.but there is no changed actually with my downloading speed 700mb movie will be download within 2hrs and with cheat engine with 700kbps it still stakes the 2 hrs for download 700mb………..please help is it really increase the speed or just changes the values.

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