How To Find And Recover Stolen Digital Camera

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Digital cameras are common these days and everyone uses it. Since the cost of a digital camera also high if we go for the best quality. So now, it’s our right to recover your stolen digital camera. We know the pain of a person, after losing a gadget these days. Hence, I found  a way to track your stolen digital camera and recover it back. The tutorial will help you surely.

Stolen Camera Finder checks for the EXIF  Information embedded in your photos to search the entire database of the photos. There is a chrome extension to build the database of the search engine.

How It works??

Stolen Camera Finder is a web-based service.It reads the EXIF data from the photos. So now visit the website and drag and drag the photos of your stolen camera. After dropping the photos into the website, then the search engine find the photos which are taken by the same camera. Since the stolen cameras are sold in markets. If you do not find any photos in search engine and you have an alternative way to find by entering your camera’s serial number. (you can have the serial number of your camera in your bill ).

The photos are present in the web is automatically updated and indexed in the stolen camera finder’s database. It’s the best way to look for your lost/missing/stolen cameras and after finding your stolen cameras and seek the help of the local police and show the proof of the ownership.

Visit Stolen Digital camera website

Chrome Extension for Stolen Digital Camera

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10 thoughts on “How To Find And Recover Stolen Digital Camera

  1. that seems a cool site. I’ll try experimenting 🙂

  2. But just with EXIF data you can actually track the Cameras physical location. Though its useful when you have caught the culprit and to prove that its yours

  3. That’s a good tool, similar to “Find my iPhone”, but still great

  4. Hello,

    This is very intelligent and useful. I never heard before about this method of recovering stolen digital camera, indeed, very good. Luckily, I never had problems of this kind, I never got my camera stolen, thank God! Thanks for sharing, bookmarked it.

    Best regards,


  5. I am not pretty much sure of as how much is it going to be of help for the common people, and as how far will its data be considered as a proof by the police, but having a hope is always better than sitting in despair.

  6. This will get more and more common as we have the ability to quickly search large amounts of data online. Both because of speed and accessibility. All our devices (laptops, cameras, phones) are built with some piece that can be used for tracking.

  7. Hi Suresh,

    your information is great. I have experienced once and never know about recovering and finding the stolen one. I mean, is it possible?? since the stolen camera is maybe somewhere else, and we even don’t know its existence. And is it possible to use it for stolen laptops?

  8. Hey Suresh,
    Nice post.I will surely try it once. I mean I will try to do an experiment.

  9. Hi,Suresh,
    I must admit I did not hear before about the possibility of recovering a stolen digital camera.This Stolen Camera Finder programme seems to have a solution for that.
    Luckily, I did not loose my camera so far, but if it ever happens, I will have the right answer for it, thanks to this info you provided here!

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