How To Enable Facebook Video Calling In your Facebook Profiles

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Now Enable Facebook video calling features in your facebook profiles only. In this tutorial, we can  tell, how to activate the video calling features and more. You just need to  the video calling setup  to be installed on your web browser and you can speak up with any friends and your group friends too.

Tutorial-Facebook video calling Feature setup

  • Download the software,Facebook video calling software 
  • Install the software and its one-time setup
  • web browser that support Facebook video calling are:
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
    Internet ExplorerSafari
  • Install the latest web browser and install the video chat software and follow up the instructions.
  • After installing, video chat features are enabled in your facebook profile then you can see the call options like the image given below

facebook video calling features

  • When you open the chat box, you can see a video Click on it and start a video chat instantly with your friends and family members
  • Now you finally activated the Facebook video calling features in your facebook profiles

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19 thoughts on “How To Enable Facebook Video Calling In your Facebook Profiles

  1. Quick review by softwarebuzzer. Thanks for the update mate!

  2. Hey suresh.

    I just came to know about the stuff via ur post. Thanks man, You are the first to introduce the video calling in our group!


  3. thanks to Facebook for coming with excellent video call feature and also replied hard to recently launched Google plus. 🙂

  4. Hello, thanks, but I don’t get it to work – because I’m on a mac?

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  6. the .exe file is not supported in Ubuntu. only for Windows

  7. Thanks a lot for the article 🙂 I’m loving it!

  8. Until now I used Skype a lot, but now I am considering trying out this new FB feature. Thanks for the guide!

  9. Facebook video calling is a really cool feature added by the Facebook team! And this quick tutorial is great in helping me enabling this feature! Thanks, Suresh.

  10. Thank you for your tutorial.. This is great and easy to understand…

  11. What about Linux user bro??? Is there any setup for them?

  12. meri id te video da koi v option aunda main facebook video call software v instal kr lia,fire fox v whats problem plz help

  13. There was an update in facebook video calling software. I recommend you to use orbit download manager, using orbit we can check the software updates in your computer periodically. Its a free software.

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