How to Enable Chat Box Inside uTorrent Software

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Well, Bittorrent has made certain changes in the uTorrent client and released some useful and interactive apps and featuring games also. The time is not so far when we can play Angry Birds on Torrent clients. Now, Certain apps are useful for those who wants to make a connection with people who are the seeding us. Can make a connection with them in easy words can CHAT with them with a new and the becoming popular app: uChat. uChat is released with the release of uTorrent someday back and uChat gained lots of Reviews and Downloads and Ratings also. This is something new in P2P Downloading and Uploading. Another thing is this that you can talk to those people also which are downloading the same file or torrent which you are downloading. You can make him your friend, can share interest or even can share Facebook ID’s for Dating in future.  uChat is not installed on the client by default, You have to install/add the uChat app in the torrent client on your own.

But the Question Arises, How To Enable The uChat app in the uTorrent Client?

  • Download the uTorrent Client (Latest Stable Release: 3.0 Version)
  • Install the uTorrent Client.
  • Click on NEW APPS! Tab inside the Client to see the Apps directory from where you can download the Apps directly.

  • Search for the uChat app. (Tip: uChat is available on main features app only)

  • When find the App: uChat, Place mouse over the icon and you will see the Add Button.

  • Click on Add button and the app will be download and will be installed automatically.

Some of the Screenshot of the Apps are:

(Click on Thimbuls for bigger view)


The App is installed now you have to explore that app and see how is the app and is it worthy to have that app. It’s really an awesome way to a new way of chatting with the people who has uploaded the torrent files and many more.
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  1. Wow so nice post & thanks for sharing very good & useful info about uTorrent Software.

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