How To Download Shared Google Spreadsheets And Documents

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Google docs are a cloud hosting services where you can host your documents, spreadsheets online and Download. It’s free of cost to use those services and you need only the gmail account to login and upload the documents, spreadsheets. Now If you find a very informative document and spreadsheets which are shared by Google documents which to be downloaded into your computer. So in this tutorial we can download the shared documents, spreadsheets which are uploaded on google docs.

google docs download

Tutorial- For Downloading Shared Spreadsheet

Tutorial- For Downloading Shared Document

  • Log on to your Google account.
  • Find the shared document to be downloaded  which is hosted on Google docs.
  • The URL of the doc looks like this
  • Now replace the URL with the new URL
  • Format means replace with the pdf, doc, oo (for open office document format), txt ,rtf.
  • Now paste the URL in the address bar and the document will be downloaded to your computer


Other way to Download

  • The other way, to download the shared documents and spreadsheets for non-programmers, is very easy.
  • Click on “File ” which is present to top Then you will get the drop down menu in there you can find an option “ Download as.”
  • Hence, you can download the file in Csv (current Sheet), Html, Text, Excel, open office format, PDF



Finally, you can download the spreadsheets, documents in your computer. Now saved documents can be opened without any internet.

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4 thoughts on “How To Download Shared Google Spreadsheets And Documents

  1. Hi,Suresh!
    What a great and perfect explanation.Wish I saw it before I tried all the variations by myself when handling spreadsheets!
    Hope it will be of use to a beginner in this topic, as it has great guidance.

  2. Very good post on Downloading Google Spreadsheets…

  3. Didn’t work for me. I uploaded an XLSX spreadsheet and the url is now
    If I add the &output=xls to it, downloading still is for a xlsx file.
    On the menu under file, there is also no Save As option available.

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