How To Download Flickr Images Without Any Restrictions

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Now you can download Flickr images without any restrictions from any profile.The internet is filled with many images hosting sites – Picasa, PhotoBucket, Zooomr, DeviantART, Flickr and many more. Amongst all of the free services, Flickr beats them. But a common problem exists with many public users is Flickr doesn’t offer batch downloading of images. If you find any interesting album of silhouettes or wildlife photography, you have no other option than to download one image at time. There are many types of software which allow you download the images in a batch but almost all of them are limited to personal accounts i.e. you cannot download from any user if you don’t have their password. Flickr Photo Downloader is free and open source software that will allow you to download images from any user if he/she has shared the images to public.

One of the advantages about the software is that it is completely portable. Meaning you can take it along with you in your flash drive and use it anywhere you want without the hassle of installing, having administrative privileges to run and all the crap. The second advantage is that the software is built on Java platform. That means it requires a Java environment to run. So whatever OS you are on this will work like a charm as long as you have a Java environment installed in it. (No Java, no cookies for you.)


The software is now available in 0.1.1 beta version. There are some bugs here and there but which software totally bugs free now-a-days. Right side image is the snapshot of the software. Now I want to download the images of a certain user Lel4nd. So I type the Flickr name of the user “Lel4nd” in theAccount box.


Next I set the destination folder of all the downloaded images. The default location varies on the operating system you are using. Here I’m using the default location itself.


Next is the resolution of the images that are being downloaded. Small size has the lowest resolution (quality) whereas Large size has the highest. Next two boxes indicate the start page and end page of the images you want to download. I want to download all the images within the pages 1 to 5, so all the images on those 5 pages are downloaded. If you want to download images of only a specific page just set both boxes with the number of pages, you want.

And then click DOWNLOAD and wait the software to do its work. Meanwhile grab a cup of coffee or a sandwich. Once the images are downloaded you get a dialog box saying that download is complete. Click OK to close the box or WATCH THEM !! to go to the folder where the images have been downloaded.


Two important things you need to keep in mind are that the software downloads only those images that are made public by the user and you must and should have java environment installed on your system.

Download Flickr Photo Downloader from here.

Download java environment for your OS from here.

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12 thoughts on “How To Download Flickr Images Without Any Restrictions

  1. Don’t you think it will violet Flickr policy?

    • There is nothing to do with the flicr policies. Since your just getting the flickr profile name and downloading the images in that profile. Your doing this without logging into flickr profile with the use of the software.

  2. Thank you for sharing on how to download Flickr Image Without any Restrictions. This is really a big help for those newbie like me.

  3. wow cool trick i m really waiting this kind of technique to use and download all images from flickr. 🙂

  4. This is really amazing as without login to flickr I can easily download all images of any profile. First I used to download single file that consumes more and more time but this handy software gives me magic clicks to download unlimited pictures. Thanks

  5. Wow!! What a VERY COOL little tweak here!

    It was great to stumble onto your blog. I think I saw the teaser for this article on Adrienne Smith’s blog (thank you CommentLuv!!!).

    I have been looking for a better way to get my images and this is just rad. Much appreciated! And so happy to have found your blog. I’ll be poking around at your other sections!

    Best regards,
    Cat Alexandra

  6. I’m glad my app appears to be useful, in December I’ll release a stable version with new features, thanks to all 🙂

  7. That’s good news! My family lives in other state, so every time I share photos with them on Flickr, they complain that I should make a selection because they’re too many and get bored until they save all the pictures on their computer.

  8. Hi Suresh, hi all.
    A new featured version of my app is available now, enjoy it

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