How To Create Custom Message Alerts In Google Analytics

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Google analytic is the best way to measure the traffic and even it shows the traffic from which source, page views, bounce rate and many more. Google analytic is free of cost you can integrate it for websites, blogs, etc. So In this post we are creating Google Analytic Alert. Here we are creating a sample alert for softwarebuzzer, A Email will be sent when softwarebuzzer hits 1000+ visitors on a single day. So let’s create it.

enable google analytics

google analytics


  • Create A Google Analytic account using your Gmail account.
  • After creating an account, add your web site to the Google
  • Add the integration code of Google analytic to your website / blog.
  • Now start adding a custom
  • When you log on to your Google analytic account, you can see your website / blog name and  having option called “view report”. Click on ” view Report”.

  • Now you can see the entire report of a site.
  • In the left side, you can see an option called ” Intelligence ” click on  it.

  • Now you can see another option “create custom alert” . It will present at right bottom.

  • Now finally you’re here to custom alert section.

  • Type the Message Alert Name.
  • In the next option “ apply to” choose the website which you are setting an alert.
  • In next option “period” so it’s the duration of the alert should be.

  • In Next option, you need to enter your email To which the alert is to be received.
  • In the next option, you can create Mobile  Alerts too. But the Mobile Alerts are for only United States only.

  • Now come to Alert Conditions
  • Now we are creating alert when softwarebuzzer hits more than 1000+ visits per day.
  • so now Scroll down options of  ” Alert Me when “
  • There choose “ visits.”
  • Assign Condition “ is greater than” ( you can use your own conditions according to your alerts )
  • Give value 1000 ( since we are creating alertly for 1000+ visitors )
  • Now press on Create Alert.
  • Now you can see your created alert and you can Edit when you want.

  • Finally, you have created a custom Google Analytic Alerts for your website / blog.  We can create as many alerts we want. You can create an alert such that when you site crashes or server downtime, then the visitors count will be zero. So you can create such an alert and mention the time too there. It’s easy and free of cost and most efficient way.

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