How to Convert Scanned Image or Photos To Word Document Using OCR Software

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Scanned images and photos of documents can be easily converted to text or Microsoft Word documents. This tip comes very usefully when we need to type a document from a printed document page. In this tutorial, we will be taking help of OCR  technology. OCR means Optical Character Recognition using this technology it is possible to recognize the character from a printed document and make a soft copy of the document.

First we need to take a photograph of the printed page or document using camera. In the camera use Macro mode to get the best result and place the paper on a flat surface. To get the best result, I’ll recommend you to use a scanner.

In this guide, we will be using an OCR software. There are many free OCR software and some websites also offers this functionality for free.  SimpleOCR is one of the best free OCR software.

First download SimpleOCR and install it on your computer.

Now start SimpleOCR and select ‘Machine Print’

In the next windows click on ‘Select’


Click on ‘Add page’

Now select source of the file and click on ‘Ok’

after importing the image click on ‘Convert to text’ to convert the scanned image to text document

Now the software will recognize the characters and it will show the extracted text

In the next windows, you can see the image and the text document side by side. If the software had made any mistakes, you can correct it there and finally save it as a Microsoft Word documents.

 Free Download SimpleOCR

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11 thoughts on “How to Convert Scanned Image or Photos To Word Document Using OCR Software

  1. Thanks for such a wonderful article! It helped me a lot in improving my knowledge.

  2. Hello!
    Thanks for this informative tutorial. You explained everything until smallest details so that even an amateur-like me, can understand in the easiest way how to convert scanned image or photos to Word document using OCR Software. Until now, i used to insert pictures to Word documents only with the Insert Picture button. I will have to try out this as well. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the introduction to SimpleOCR, it’s a great OCR utility. Much better than other ones I’ve tried to use.

  4. This is an awesome tutorial, I will definitely try this one. Thanks for sharing

  5. Nice articles.. Thanks for sharing.. Probably now i could even think of OCR utilities along with this

  6. Interesting one. i know people who have asked me a software to convert pictures to word document. here we have one now 🙂 OCR software ..


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