How To Post A Complaint And Feedbacks To Facebook Official Teams

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We are back with an another awesome topic. This time we are covering the topic of  complaining and feedbacks about Facebook services  like chat, message, privacy, notes, facebook apps, etc. to Facebook Official Teams. Since Facebook is coming up with latest features every day so we need to give user feedbacks, as well as complaints, if you have. So Dropping complaints make you more comfortable with the Facebook  so that Facebook team look out the complaints and solve your problems soon. So let’s see how to complaint and give feedbacks to official facebook team.

contact facebook official teams

post complaints and feedbacks to facebook official teams

Tutorial- Complaining And Feedbacks  To Official Facebook Teams

  • Log on to your Facebook account.
  • If you find a problem with Facebook services like Facebook apps privacy, chat, messages, complaint about fan pages, You can post the complaints to the teams of Facebook.
  • Below are the list of Features and you can complaint from here

Facebook features

Home page and News Feed
Notifications and Emails

Facebook for businesses


Facebook mobile


Facebook Platform

Instant personalization
Platform applications
Social plugins

Feedbacks On Privacy And Security




you can also find solution to your privacy and security in this section

  • After selecting the services to give feedback or complaint just click on the link, you will get into a new window there you have to entire the “suggestion” and  “more details” in there you have to fill up your complaints or feedbacks
  • After entering the feedbacks and complaints and click on “submit”.

The above links are taken from this source :

Conclusion :

Posting Feedbacks and Complaining about services to companies is a Right. Do share your feedbacks with them so that it will help them to built a still more awesome products. By the above procedure, you can post a complaint or feedback to the official facebook teams to solve your queries as soon as possible.

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36 thoughts on “How To Post A Complaint And Feedbacks To Facebook Official Teams

  1. it’s a really very helpful for users who can’t find a way to file complaints!

  2. I can guarantee you that you will never get a reply back and your suggestions or complaints will be ignored! I have tried this many times!

    • Trying is better than doing nothing 🙂 so Facebook has 5 millions + users so they will solve your problems with their teams as soon as possible

      • can u plzzz tell me how can i access to my account …..facebook has send a security code on my mobile which is not recieved uptill now

  3. just now i sended feedback to facebook team because i m unable to add friends to my account. hope they can review my account and take necessary actions. 🙂

  4. Hi there Suresh. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been looking way how to complaint about something on Facebook.

  5. roshinee pillay says:

    Finally got it back.Please tell me why do I have to keep verifying my email n password?Also while I am on Facebook,I keep getting Security checks!!This is so irritating.thank you n awaiting a reply.

  6. i m not able to login my facebook account due to security check..plz solve my problem …. urgent

  7. My yahoo id n fb account was hacked on 3rd november 2011 after trying lot every where like yahoo customer care fb help center.I got result that ur password is changed on 10 dec 2011 at 6 pm. now again i am trying lot now new result is chrome for win 7 i want my yahoo id n fb account back please help me which is my new password let me know that i can use for both account.

  8. Verify facebook wif phone number is useless

  9. Lots of people can’t even find the place to complain on Facebook…leads to a great deal of stress for what is the largest social network in the world…

  10. yagil goldberg says:

    Facebook determines who are my friends and who are not. Then bocks
    my account. How do people who do not know me determine who are friends and who are not.
    Secondly, Also if I decide not to return confirmation for a friend
    it should be respected and not punished by blocking accounts.
    Facebook suggests friends and then blocks the account a bit absurd.

  11. Beleive me mate, you are wasting your time trying to complain to Facebook. I have, just today, received my third thirty day ban from Facebook because someone is trolling Facebook and flagging what is sometimes the most innocuous comments. One time I was reported for saying “hello” to someone. I kid you not. Facebook don’t care about you. You don’t pay them so you are not a customer but a commodity. The advertisers are the customers.

    The only way you can contact Facebook is by phone on premium rate numbers and even then you don’t talk to Facebook but to an outside agency. I have written to every Facebook email address I could get hold of, I have tried tweeting them, I have posted my complaints on Facebook and blogged about the experience but to no avail.

    I have no intention of phoning some third party for a £1.53 connection charge and a £1.53 a minute call charge. That is British pounds. No wonder they can float on the stock market. They make a big noise about their security and safety policy but there is a gaping security failure when anyone could go to your profile or page, flag up anything and everything and get you banned with no danger of ever being discovered or stopped. Its a scandal.

  12. Jesal Desai says:

    Facebook has taken away my right to post on other pages simply because I had posted my Fashion Clothing page on other pages, which all page owners do..Just coz I must have posted some 30 odd klinks of my page in 1 day they took away my right to post..
    How can I bring this to notice of someone in facebook..

    Plz revert on my mail id if you can..Thanks!!

  13. whenever i try and comment on someone elses post i get this message. “You’re temporarily blocked from making public comments on Facebook.
    Some of your comments have been reported as spam. To avoid getting blocked again, make sure your posts are in line with the Facebook Community Standards” and nothing else, no explanation to what i apparently did wrong, no clue as to how long im blocked for and no way of contacting them to find out why just a link to the shitty help centre that if anything just confuses me even more. customer or comodity surely i deserve an explanation or at the very least a hint to as what i have done wrong. im seriously thinking of jacking facebook in and migrating to the world of twitter!

  14. My facebook i d refused to be opened after putting a new password and you requested that i put phone number for a new code yet you can not send me the code to open it,therefore i want you to help me with due respect let it work and open it for me,


  15. hi,My facebook is hacked so my account is temporarily hidden,and while chnaging my password thye have asked for a passport or any government proof ,so i uploaded the passport for verification,SO I GOT A LINK SAYING GET BACK TO YOU AFTER VALIDATING..SO WANTED TO KNOW IT IS DONE BY FACEBOOK OR THE HACKER ASKING ME FOR THE INFORMATION.

  16. I’m blocked from messaging and commenting status updates for 30 days. I wouldn’t complain if I have done something to cause such a rigid punishment. I never posted anything inappropriate, never threatened to anyone, never posted porn, nudity or anything else that might offend or mistreat anyone and never used my inbox for anything but to talk to my friends and never violated any of Facebook community standards. I really don’t know what’s
    the point of having an account on Facebook without a possibility to talk to my friends or to comment to their or my own updates. This is not the first time I got some issue on my account and it’s become usual in last 5 months and since I got apologized by you for issues I had over my account before. And there’s NO customer service. Is this how a multi billion dollars company treats their costumers. Such disregard.

  17. hi this is neeraj jain my facebook id was hacked , how can i complaint and where ?

  18. shashi kant srivastava says:

    i want to block this page who can it possible — there are using bad language as well as they are inserting of Indian gods .. please suggest me – there are many pages like that — i hate .. some time i release facebook should be close

  19. Ascar dungdung says:

    Help me,

    My facebook account has temporarily locked. How can I know who is the person involving to do so? How can I solve it without identifying my friends from tag ?

  20. Those Idiots Have Done it To Me Again : Here’s What Happened; ar San Antonio
    Those Butt-wipes With FaceBook Are At It Again With Me; How In The Hell Can I Be Sharing Pictures So Fast That They Can’t Keep Up With Me?? And They Are Giving Me Warnings Again For Doing This. Shame On Me That F.B. Can’t Keep Up With My Picture Sharing. These Dumb-asses Have Some STUPID Priorities. Ok; They Pissed Me Off Again, I’m Outta Here And I’m Going To Fix Me Something To Eat…Later.-Tim. 1-6-2013. Seriously; Face Book; This Kind Of Crap Needs To Be Stopped Right NOW.!!!

  21. Hello I am needing someone to please help me to delete or transfer an old account. which was under Lisa Glass Medrano.i haven’t been on Facebook in a very long time, due to no computer. A few days ago I recently got a new computer and set up a new account just using Lisa Medrano with a whole new EMAIL and password. The problem with my old account is I cant remember what email and password that I used. I just want to start fresh with everything new and update so I want my old account removed can you please do this for me and keep my new account which is Lisa Medrano. .

  22. im not very say fb is a safe place well i dont feel very safe. i have people making up fake profiles of me and hacking my account. i deactivated one account and made a new one so they would do it but they hacked my new account to. now i have looked up how to hack fb and trust me there following the dierections. i am very sick of this fake account of me and them hacking me, i know who it is to. either do something about it now and kick them off facebook to or i will make the police come to you. i have reported time and time again and nothing gets done about it. email me asap so i can give you names and sort this shit out. if you proceed in not helping then its a police matter to. dont give me directions to report people and the account i want an email personally. thanks

  23. please provide security for the facebook profile picture… how

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  25. hi do you tell us what you are doing when we let you know about a scam because I have put one in about Shannon Mitchell that is the profile name thay are useing trying to get money for a airfare

  26. says:

    My facebook account has temporarily locked. How can I know who is the person involving to do so? How can I solve it without identifying my friends from tag ?

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