How To Backup Entire WordPress Into DropBox Automatically | backup wordpress.

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Backup WordPress is very important and now backup the entire WordPress blog into your Dropbox account automatically. While surfing, the net I just found an awesome WordPress plugin which does the job.


1. Install the WordPress-backup-to-Dropbox plugin.

2. Activate the plugin.

3. Create a Dropbox account.

4. After creating the Dropbox account,  the plugin will ask you authorize the plugin with Dropbox.

5. A new window will pop-up and ask for confirmation to authenticate the plugin or not

6. Once the authentication process is done, you can continue your backup process of your WordPress in Dropbox.

Finally, your backup will be saved in your Dropbox account  and Be secure always.

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19 thoughts on “How To Backup Entire WordPress Into DropBox Automatically | backup wordpress.

  1. Yesterday I installed this plugin.It’s very useful.Previously I’ve used two plugins BackWPup and WP Time machine both can backup WordPress to Dropbox accounts.

  2. Thanks for sharing – Really nice information.

  3. Looks great. I think regular backup is very necessary if you want to be safe.

  4. It seems to be a great plug in to back up the WordPress data, Thanks Suresh.

  5. I use both plugins as well as desktop software to take backup of wordpress…

  6. Wow ! thats really cool way to backup. I used to use a backup plugin where it will send a email to our email inbox 😀 this is better than that 🙂 Thanks 🙂

  7. Is it safe to backup our WP into DropBox as its a third party??

  8. Hello,

    I sincerely didn’t knew about Dropbox until now. It seems really great and it’s also a good thing to feel safe to know that no matter what, whenever you want – you can backup your whole WordPress blog. I always got this fear of losing all my work but this Dropbox thing is really great. Thanks for sharing!


  9. Great! It works better than my previous plugin, BackWPup. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. I extremely appreciate it.

  10. Hey

    It’s A super easy tool to use, and if you blogs on php safe mode of it´s absolutly the plugin to use.!
    And do use it on one of my blogs.

    But I also have a blog with safe mod on, and here I can´t use it because the files gets to big and the timeout max on 30 sec.!
    So here i have to use BackWPup because i can deside what to backup.!

  11. Hi,Suresh,
    this is the very reason why I like visiting your posts.In the sea of texts of the others where one must spend a lot of time to in order find relevant info, you are here to show how easily it can be done in just a few lines.
    Thanx for this share for the backup of WordPress.

  12. That’s a great tip, thanks!

    I’m a coding nerd so I use my own PHP script to do that. Usually I don’t have to do the wordpress installation, I just need to back up the MySQL database that carries all my posts / categories. But with images, you have to backup the installation directory as well.

  13. I installed this plugin in 2 different wordpress sites…. the second one overrides the first backup…
    Is there any way to avoid this?

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