How To Activate or Enable New Facebook News Feed

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Hey, Facebook users, Facebook just announced a New News Feed which going to be lots better than improved version. Generally in the present Newsfeed we miss out a lot of things like photos, videos, stories sharing with friends, family members, etc. It’s  really hard to discover until and unless you’re an active Facebook user and you will find better.

Facebook news feed

Facebook news feed

So in the new Facebook news feed, you will find pictures, videos look bigger. The third party app integration like Pinterest,  its looks a lot better and appealing. Facebook gives more preference to stories, at the end of the day, Facebook gathers similar stories which are shared on the Facebook and shows as a related post kind ( similar to semantic search). We just got this information from the live event  and so in order to get started and activate the Facebook new news feed you need to apply for the waiting list.

If you’re interested in any topics like photography, cooking, music, sports, etc.  Go to the blogs and their Facebook pages like that , finally you can group them all into one feed like “music, photography, Sports” . So all at one place, simple and easier, it will be kind of RSS syndicator. But I really like this style it makes our job way better whenever we get free time, we can go all those sources at one feed, makes the job way better.

How to Activate / Enable New News feed ?

Head over to this link

Scroll to the bottom of the post and you will see an options call “Join waiting the list.”

Watch this video for more information about the New News Feed

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8 thoughts on “How To Activate or Enable New Facebook News Feed

  1. I’m just waiting for the new News Feed to update. It looks really so amazing that I can’t wait to get it on my screen! Very amazingly precised! Everything is becoming responsive! 🙂

    • Yeah Satish,Even i am waiting for it. Facebook team does everything based on the feedbacks they get and built better products. The best thing I liked is similar stories , it makes you discover more content on a topic.


  2. Thanks to you , now i am in the waiting list ! Thanks for sharing ! and will be a great inspiration source too !

  3. meneuschrit says:

    shörthifacim öuvrelaprotem kischline? sczankiltifer ghörfer ca vlednimkö facebook ca orhtörm suresh fronthlitnöme 😉

  4. In the waiting list now! Hope it will be rolled out this week. I’m feeling like it would be a bit similar to Google Plus latest redesign!

  5. Just joined the wait list. Hopefully this won’t come late as Graph Search came up. The news feed looks a lot like Google Plus.

  6. Really impressive design waiting for it.

  7. The new Facebook new feed looks amazing. I’ve already joined the waiting list but have not received the new layout yet 🙁

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