Heart Rate Monitor With Android And iOS Apps

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The technology is really changing a lot in the recent decades now and  Smartphones are booming. With the help of Smartphones, we are going to create smart solutions for our problem. Heart rate monitor using  android & Ios Apps? You must call me crazy, but there is a solution for this too . There is an app called  Cardiograph which helps to heart rate monitor directly from your Smartphones like iPhones, Android and even iPads, tablets too.

What are the things you needed for heart rate monitor?

For this, we are going to use our Smartphones to heart rate monitor because we don’t have to buy another extra equipment to do this task. So obviously we are saving some money and making the most  out of our Smartphones (that’s our GOAL). So if you have an  iOS / Android devices then you’re good to go.

You need an app for it, right? So we are going to use Cardiograph App, which is available for both Android and is. It helps you to heart rate monitor and all, you need, is a smartphone and install in it. Looking for a solution? How this Cardiograph app works to achieve this task? Then check the following video

Isn’t that awesome? Without going to a clinic or without any extra equipment for measuring your heart rate. The app really worked awesomely and I generally used it when I go for jogging, during workouts, etc. Keep track of the heart rate and be healthy.

Download Cardiograph From Google Play Store

Download Cardiograph From Apple Store

This following picture taken by me using my iPad.


heart rate monitor with Mobile Apps

heart rate monitor with Mobile Apps



  • Making the most out of the Smartphones and technology.
  • Even when you’re out for trekking or adventures you can measure your heart rate wherever you’re.
  • No need of extra equipment.
  • Saves money and time.

This is one of the worthy and best app I am using daily, what you thought on this? Do you have any better mobile apps?Do let us know below in the comment.  So if you have any crazy idea for mobile apps then do consult this iPhone developer for sure, they will help you turn your crazy ideas into reality.

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3 thoughts on “Heart Rate Monitor With Android And iOS Apps

  1. Nice app to know real time heart rate. Specially helpful for people to know about health situation via this app.

  2. Jennifer Hardy says:

    Wow…… very much glad to know abt this latest android app…… medical facilities are now in phone!

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