Google Search Tools Are Awesome – You shouldn’t Miss Learning it

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Normally everyone just do a Google search like typing the keyboard and hit ENTER. Let’s say an example of people who are searching for Online Mobile Accessories normal internet users just click on the top 10 results and power users search in advance way. So let’s use the advanced Search engine trick to finding the accessories you’re looking.

With this trick, you not only get quick results but also more ideas and amazing accessories for your phones. Let’s get started.

  • Login tocom
  • Do a search like “iPhone 5 accessories”  (without quotes )
  • You will get top 10 websites, but this may or may not help you.
  • So this the place “Google Advance Search options” comes handy.
Google search tools

Google search tools

  • When you click on the Search Tools options, you will get a  bunch of amazing options  like “Time range” and “All results”. We will discuss each of them below.

Time Range

The time ranges search tool you can do a lot of things. You can find the accessories that are just uploaded couple of seconds back or few hours back. With helps of these tools you can keep up with updates if there is any product added into an e-commerce stores like amazon, eBay, etc..

time range search tools

You can do searches like past Hour, Past 24 hours and even customs time range with the help ofGoogle search tools. It comes so handily when you are searching for so specific things on the site.

All Results 

In all results tab, we got so many amazing features like  Nearby, Visited sites, not visited sites etc..

all results search tool

So when are you are going to buy any mobile accessories, gadgets or any other things you will search on different eCommerce sites and forums, right?  Let’s say you search 100 websites, and those sites are visiting sites. With this amazing Visited pages feature which makes you search within seconds. No need to search again and again and time waste.

Another feature is Nearby; you can get results nearby your location. This feature is helpful for local search deals, products or any services.

I use these Google search tools a lot, and it saves a lot of time. That’s how we save time and search like a PRO, and you keep on digging more search features which make life better.

Over To you!

So what do you think of this amazing features? Do you explored or use it before Or do you know any best search options? Do let us know. We will glad to add them in the post.

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4 thoughts on “Google Search Tools Are Awesome – You shouldn’t Miss Learning it

  1. You will get top 10 websites but this may or may not help you. hahaha what a sweet answer. Suresh, I think you a wonderful experience with Google Search Tools.

    • haha actually it’s correct. As the Search algorithm updates keep on coming every month and we may not get better results at the start. So this tiny trick can help really.

  2. Hey Suresh,
    Nice and helpful article for better search results.I never used it before.

  3. Great work Suresh. I have used this tool and i just say you are amazing.

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