Run Google Plus Hangouts Even at Slow Internet Speed

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If you’re a Google plus user then, you must be knowing about google plus hangouts. For a non-google plus users Google hangouts are the place where people for online live chat either voice chat or video chat. There you have access to all Google apps like Google talk, YouTube, Google drive etc.. Since we cannot move away from Google services because we are so much connected to their services day to day like gmail, google search, Android, etc.  So now the Google hangouts are very good for both personal and business purposes as well but there was a lack of some important features like managing google plus hangouts even at slow internet speed. Finally, they have released this feature couple of days back and now we are going to learn how to run google plus hangouts on EDGE, 3G, 4G or even internet connectivity at slow internet speed.

Google plus hangouts

Google plus hanouts

Tutorial: Run Google Hangouts at Very slow Internet Speeds

  1. Launch the Google hangouts.
  2. On the top right corner, you will see a different options like settings.
  3. There click on the symbol like the Singal tower indicator.
change bandwidth in gogole  hangouts

adjust bandwidth in google plus hangouts

  1. When you switch to the left side which is decreasing mode where the minimum bandwidth consumed so there will be only Voice mode and your profile picture of Google plus is shown instead of  video.
  2. When you toggle to the right side then, you can switch to video mode.

Bandwidth Setting in Google Hangouts

Auto-detect connection speed: This is the default mode and perfect mode for all google plus hangouts to run without any lag in both video and audio but it consumes 1000 Kbps on each direction, So if you have a good connection then you can carry on this default mode.

Low Speed Connection: In this speed mode, we can run the hangouts at slow internet speed at 500 Kbps in each direction.

Ultra Low Bandwidth:  In this mode, the network bandwidth is consumed 150 Kbps upstream and 500 Kbps downstream. Instead of the video the pencil sketch image of yours shown

Audio Only: In this mode you can run hangouts at 35 Kbps here, it’s very perfect model for EDGE internet connection or daily connection as well as GPRS.



This is an awesome feature to run google hangouts when you’re on EDGE and EDGE internet speed is less than 100kBPS. When you’re in remote places like villages or any other than, this feature will be a life saver.

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5 thoughts on “Run Google Plus Hangouts Even at Slow Internet Speed

  1. That’s great! I didn’t know that I can use Google+ Hangout in EDGE connection.

  2. Although I know that we can run hangouts at lower bandwidths but never explored that on 2G connection.. nice way to chat on the go.. could we treat it as an alternative to video calling?

  3. Oh, good to know that.. i shall definitely be trying this… never realized that lowering this much will make it work on 2G.

  4. My Internet Speed is too much slow and the story box will not popup until the chat gets load first help…for this problem if any fix is there??

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