Gmail Search Field Trail Makes Your Life Way Easier

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Gmail search field trail makes all your appointments, Flight tickets and email which are easily accessible with Google search engine. Let’s take a real time scenario of flight booking and status information., So if you book a ticket, and if something won’t go. Well, we get tensed, and we don’t take better decisions all things gets messed up in that state. It’s normal to everyone so with the Gmail search trail you can get the flight information with just a simple Google search query.

So, with the Gmail Search Filed Trail activated on your account. Just type ” My flight” in the google search and you will get all the information about your boarding flight information including terminal, Time and, etc. Is it awesome? All info with simple google query, WOOT. You will have peace of mind for sure

gmail field trail

Gmail search Field Trail makes file and information searchable on Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Restaurant reservations, etc. So with this helps you find older and emails, pics, files, etc. One of the amazing features, I observed in this Gmail search trial, is  related information in your emails displayed when you search for information in Google search engine.

So, let’s take an example, when you search for Fast and Furious 6 movie information in Google search. In the right side of Google search results, in your email results related to fast and furious 6 is displayed  Isn’t it interested? Yes to me.

google search trail search results

This is a very powerful feature to find related information in your Gmail Inbox., Google Drive, Calender, appointments, reservations, and travel information with a simple Google search query.  This will save you a lot of time for sure. This feature is still in beta stage and available for currently early beta testers and US regions users and No Google app users. So get into the beta list today Now!

Gmail Field Search Trail 

Over To You:

What do you think of this amazing features how you gonna use this? Add your opinions in the comment section below!

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2 thoughts on “Gmail Search Field Trail Makes Your Life Way Easier

  1. I did not know about this. Thanks for sharing, Suresh!!

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