FullScreen Beam APP Let You Upload & Share Videos From Google Glass To YouTube

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Google Glass has been a hot topic for a while and it can do wonders if we use well.  The Google glass can take picturesshoot videos and upload them to YouTube or Google Plus accounts directly. So if we are at  birthday parties or any other you can capture and shoot those amazing moments with the help of Google Glass. So you don’t have to hire any other person to do this task or if we want to shoot a video with a DSLR or Handycam, we place it on a tripod.The video isn’t coming good as it is static and no life in it, whereas with the Google Glass you can create live moments and adds life in it.

fullscreen google glass app

fullscreen beam app

So most of the people love to upload videos to YouTube as soon as it happens, Let us say another example like FUN Videos. The funniest things happen in no time instantly, so there you can make use of the google glass of saying this command “ OKAY GLASS, Shoot the video.”  Now it’s an easy way to shoot the videos using google glass and upload them directly to YouTube. It’s going to change the entire video creation industry too

Tutorial: Upload & Share Videos From Google Glass on YouTube

  • To get started with  this process, you need a google glass anda YouTube account.
  • Now head over to this site:https://beam.fullscreen.net/
  • Create an account withBeam app.
Full screen Beam App

Beat app Access with youtube Account

  • Once you “ Allow Access” then you must be setting upvideo settings like Video should be upload private or
  • You can Share the uploaded video to twitter too via google
Fullscreen beam up

Full Screen Beam app

  • Take the video with the Google Glass.
  • After taking those videos, share itFullscreen beam
  • So finally wait for confirmation from beam

Here is the video from Drew Baumann, who is the Founding Engineer at FullScreen

The concept is pretty new and developers are working to make the app even more awesome. This is just the beginning of the revolution and I want your thoughts about this, will Google glass change the video creation strategy? Add your opinions in the comment section below.

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13 thoughts on “FullScreen Beam APP Let You Upload & Share Videos From Google Glass To YouTube

  1. I heard that Google Glass will be forbidden in 60 countries because of some law issues.. So this info may be useful for a very narrow circle of people..

    • Hi Evan,

      Google glass just released for developers and a few others. So it’s yet to reach the public now. The numbers will surely increase and it will sell like HOT-Cakes 😉

      Thanks for dropping by

  2. Nice information Suresh!

    Yeah, I read many articles about Google Glass and great to know its apps.

    From your tutorial, now I understood how to shoot the videos with it and upload them to you tube.

    Thanks for explaining the useful stuffs, keep doing it 🙂

    • Hello Nirmala,

      Yes , developers works on to create great apps 🙂 It will be revolutionary for sure.

      Thanks for dropping by and adding your thoughts

  3. I have a question to ask about google glass, I hope you answer it suresh bro. I have less knowledge about GG. GG will works without internet? Otherwise how it works when we are out of our home??

  4. I can’t wait for this to become widely accepted. IT will definitely change the way video is captured and dramatically increase user generated content for sites like YouTube. Onwards and upwards!

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