Download Subway Surfers Game For Windows PC


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Now you can play and  Free download Subway surfers game for windows PC and it supports XP, Vitsa,7 and 8. The game is very famous in android , IOS platform and if you’re familiar with temple run game then subway surfers too have similar game play. All you need to do is collect the coins as many as you can .

free download subway surfers game for pc xp 7 and 8

free download subway surfers game for pc xp 7 and 8

Gameplay of Subway Surfers

If you’re new to this game , just read this game play you will understand the basics of it. The police won’t be happy with your hobbies so he will run over to capture. There the game starts there and collect as many coins as you can while you run . The coins will be helpful to upgrade your powers like Jetpacks , Super sneakers, Coin magnet , Multiplier etc. While you run you need to shift the track to avoid obstacles so to do that use the swipe left with the mouse to move on the left side and swipe right to move on the right side. The other important controls of the game are rolling and jumping on the same track. In order to jump then swipe mouse up and to roll then swipe the mouse down.

Collect the coins and complete the daily missions like collecting letter “HELLO”. When you play the game you will see those letters collect them to achieve the daily bonus with a mystery box . Mystery box contains any goodies for character changes , hoverboards etc.

Downloading Game

    1. There are two ways to download the game  and i will mention both ways below.You can download directly from the initial appup store , there you need to sign up for the free account, and search for the subway surfer in the top free download section .

    Subway Surfers Game for PC


    subway surfers game for pc

    Free Download subway surfers game for PC

    • The second way to download the game is download the game files into your computer and you don’t need to install it. You can run the game automatically.

    Unlock the Direct download link by sharing on any social Network Now !

    After downloading the game files then you can run the subway surfers game for your PC , If you feel trouble drop your questions in the comments below and If you find the article helpful then share it on your social circle. 

    Updated On 4/4/2013

    Controls To play the game

    To start and play the game you must need a mouse , Click on the game with the mouse the game will start. When drag mouse to the right it will move right

    Jump- Move mouse forwards
    Down-Move your mouse downwards
    Left- Move your mouse leftwards
    Right -Move your mouse rightwards.

    I guess this will solve the problem, if you still face the problem I will do a video on this. If you want a video on this drop a comment below.

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    • Shathyan Raja

      I haven’t played this game yet. Gonna download now and try it.

      Thanks for sharing and mainly with the download link directly making my easier

      • suresh kumar

        Thanks mate, Even i spent around 10 minutes to download intel appup , installtion of the software and finally downloading the subway surfers game. So it’s kind of tricky thing for newbies then i found a direct link of the game and there you go :)

        That’s an amazing game
        Have fun

        • daniel

          dear Suresh.
          I have a Windows Vista laptop and have installed SUBWAY SURFERS.
          But the character wo’nt jump any obstacle,even using the touch pad or left and right arrows.
          Any help?

          • Suresh Kumar

            Use the mouse to start the game play and that will help you

            • saeed

              koooooy iwant to download subway surfers how can i download it


    • Mukesh Mali

      Install this game on my Window 7 PC using Intel App Upp. the game install sucssesfully … but when start this game my keyboard and mouse key not work. how can play this game on my laptop ????

      • suresh kumar

        Mukesh, After subway surfers game opened double click on the game using mouse and the game will starts.

        Hope this solved your problem, If you still face problem let me know


        • Jack

          I had the same problem and went through the installation again and it worked, hope this helps.

    • abhilash

      really a amazing game, thanks for direct download link

      • suresh kumar

        Anytime abhilash.

    • Ross

      Thanks for the dl link. The game just feels better when I play it on my phone, not sure why…

    • satya

      I have downloaded and installed the game sucessfully but my keyboard and mouse controls are not working.How can i fix this issue?

    • Shanzz

      I jus luv SUBWAY SURFERS on my Tablet i’m surely gonna try this on my system too thanks!!
      luv it!!

      • suresh kumar

        Sure go ahead, You can use only mouse for the controls.

    • Sal

      I used to find a mouse and keyboard so much more intuitive than touch screens for games, but after playing this for both PC and Android I have to say I like the phone version way better. Thanks for the link though.

      • Maya

        I agree and I find it kind of sad, it’s a real paradigm shift.

    • Madison

      I think this game is better but Temple Run is far more addicting, especially the new one!

    • Zahorul

      my mouse & keyboard dont work how can i play this

      • suresh kumar

        I am testing right now also only way to play the game by using the mouse. I have updated the post check out once

        • hitesh kumar

          i want to download subway surf in my laptop

          please say me how




          • suresh kumar

            I have provided the download link , Do fb share to unlock it

      • hitesh kumar

        sir how did u download it





    • saranya

      thanks for your valuable link.
      i have downloaded windows 7 but keyboard n mouse not working how can i fix this ? pls rly me as soon as possible

    • ashish

      hi send me download direct link

      • suresh kumar

        I have mentioned in the article, please check it out

    • roxafran


    • loin

      it is not starting just a boy is painting and painting……… to start it plz help

      • suresh kumar

        Use mouse and tap on the game and it will start.

    • loin

      it is starting in windows 8 not in 7……!!!!!!there is no “tap to play”option in windows 7

    • Pratik Rathod

      Send me download link

      • suresh kumar

        Updated !

    • disham


    • karuppudurai

      ennakku en all familikku pidicha game angry birds games than we are like this game

    • swapnil

      In my windows 8 this game successfully download and insttal but when open then open home page only and not going to option to play..i click on this page but not start this game . plz give some idea to play game plz plz

      • Suresh Kumar G

        Hello Swapnil,

        Just use the mouse for this game , it will start playing.

    • saeed

      i want a vidio call