Free Download Fruit Ninja Game For Windows 7and xp

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Now you Can Free Download the  Fruit Ninja Game.The game is available for free Download to Windows xp and Windows 7 users too. It’s the  best and addictive game for every game lover. I have this game for my ipad2 and very cool game for every age of people.

The game is very cool you just need to cut the fruits without missing it. You will have 3 chances, so every time, you miss hitting the fruit and you loose the chance. Your goal is cut the fruits in Ninja Style. Its Soo cool , every time you hit the fruit you will get points and there bombs coming up in middle of fruits, make sure you wouldn’t hit the bombs, if you hit the game over :).

Now let’s Download the Game to your computer and enjoy it

Download Fruit Ninja Game For windows 7 and xp

Check The Demo of the Game:

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  1. says

    This game is great! I have played it in my Android, and my children love it, as it is not very difficult for them. Thanks for the link to download the W7 version, I don’t like very much my children playing with my tablet 😉

  2. Lola T says

    hey this is really a amazing arcade game. I feel this is something I really wanted a game that will be free of virus. This is the same of the original version and I really love this game.

  3. Lynn Sanders@How To Become Medical Assistant says

    Lol, cutting fruits ninja style. What will these guys come in with next?
    Game looks fun and the music reminds me of the 90s, i’ll check it out. Hope i don’t end up playing all day long, ignoring my work.

  4. says

    Cutting fruits in Ninja Style reminds me of a flash game that I played online. And playing it offline seems a nice idea to spend more time in computer. I just wonder if the game is only available in Windows format? It is because I am using Linux so I am not sure if I could be able to play this game.

  5. says

    this game really workz bt without soundz!! nothin z wrong vth my sound drivers or i checked da game sounds too bt it works without sound :(

  6. jessica says

    i tried downloading it and my pc is opening it with adobe which isn’t working do i have to download something else to get it to work?

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