Free Download Flash Games And Play Offline

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Free Download the 1000’s of Flash games available over the internet and after downloading the flash games you can play in offline (without the internet). In this post, am going to tell a trick to download 4,160,000 Flash Games. Since finding a flash games to download, is a bit hard task you need to search over the internet and select a game and download it and you may sometimes find the flash games cannot be download also :(. This situation everyone has faced it, but I also found another trick to finding a flash games in Just 5 second. Just follow the tutorial you can understand the easy way to do it.


  • Just Log on To Google Search
  • In search Box, you need to type  “filetype: swf game”. Since Flash games extensions SWF Format and there are loads of different swf files, we need game files hence we mention the keyword called “game”.

  • So we Found 9,440,000 Flash games, which can be downloaded to your computer.

  • Just Click on the search results. you will Find the Flash games running . Copy the URL of the flash file
  • Open any Download managers from your computer.

  • If you don’t have Download manager. Here is a list of Open Source Download managers
  • Paste the Source of Flash URL In download manager and download it to your computer.
  • After Download is finished, Then open the file with Browser.

  • Then you can play the Downloaded flash games offline.

Flash games are Very famous and small files yet powerful games.Everybody loves the games, by using this trick we can find lakhs of flash games over the internet and download them in your computer and Play games without the internet.

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10 thoughts on “Free Download Flash Games And Play Offline

  1. Interesting!
    But these days flash game market is little down. 😛

  2. Nice How-to bro.. Flash games are always quite addictive..

  3. Flash games are cool,indeed. They can kill time and make an excellent fun for the pause. I particularly enjoy the word puzzle games, so something of that genre is most likable for me to download.

  4. Nice tutorial. I didn’t know that there is a way to download flash games. But wouldn’t this take a lot of memory space? My computer memory is quite low now and I’m afraid it might crash if I download flash games.

    Not part of you post but maybe you can help me. Is there a way for me to add flash games to my site and if I could would there be any legal liability for it?


  5. I love playing flash games especially when i have free time.. it’s free so i think it’s really convenient!

  6. Oh want a great thing++

    I love to play flash game it not take long times and relex

    Thank for your kind sir ^^

  7. I love to play flash games.

  8. oh, i cant tell how much i appreciare your tutorial, now i can download all the game i like!!

  9. can you help me find a game empire & allies on facebook

  10. thanks yaar, i want the zapak street fighter game pls help me.

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