Free Download Angry Birds Game for Windows 7 and xp


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Angry Birds Game is a Popular Game and its now available for windows Xp and windows 7 now . Free to download angry birds game now. Angry Birds was developed by Finland-Based Rovio Mobile and the players use slight shots to launch Angry Birds on the dirty pings. The game so popular because it is launched all types of Mobile OS, like android,,iphone,ipod touch, now its available for the Windows xp and windows 7 too.

andgry birds games

Angry Birds for xp,win 7

The following link can get you a free download of the game. The promotional Offer has been ended :( you can check  back later . We have updated the link with an angry birds space . The angry birds space hit the 10 million downloads less than 3 days only. We have attached the direct download link .

Happy Playing Angry Birds :) Direct download link uploaded here .
Unlock the Link below Now To download the game and direct download link is provided !


Really worth to play these angry birds games :) download now Right Away

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  • http://Jajodia-Saket.SJbn.Co/ Saket Jajodia

    Are you sure about using this exe file???

    • sureshkumar

      yea it worked well…am using and enjoying :)

      • http://Jajodia-Saket.SJbn.Co/ Saket Jajodia

        Not working on my PC… :(

        Texture is too large: 2048×2048, maximum supported size: 1024×1024

        I have tried in all screen resolutions…

        • sureshkumar

          try to check in the safe mode..and wats the configuration of ur system?

          • http://Google-Chrome.SJbn.Co/ Saket Jajodia

            Its not working…
            And Config will tell you in chat… :p

            • Ayush Chand

              Just update your graphics driver..

        • Parth

          hey u can reduce ur screen resolution by installing old version of graphics driver… it will work….. it is not working in latest graphics card drivers n also on mobile chipest graphics version so u try by installing old drivers……

      • ramya

        not working on my pc
        error: OpenGL2.0 render er not supported
        pls tell the solution

        • suresh kumar

          Hey ramya you need to update your graphic card drivers in your computer.

          This is the solution given by Official Angry birds team
          Angry Birds requires OpenGL 1.3 or later to run. Please try updating your graphics card’s drivers to the latest available version from the manufacturer’s website.
          If your drivers are up to date and you still get this error, you can use Realtechvr GLview ( to see if your system supports OpenGL 1.3.

          If you still got problem , do let us know and thanks for posting the query

          • ramya

            thank u suresh i will try do it

    • sureshkumar

      hey check this play angry birds on your chrome browser

  • shenoyjoseph

    thanks for angry bird developers for making these game into pc version

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  • Nicola Deiana

    I love Angry Birds. I already downloded it, and it works well. Thanks for sharing. Keep writing :)

  • Ayush Gupta

    Thanks Brother. I wanted this game…

  • Irfan | RealTimeTricks

    Never heard anything about this game before but as am bore of playing GTA i’ll surely download and give a review (if i like) in my blog too.

  • nikki4peter

    hey thanks for this!! i downloaded it successfully… now im enjoying though it has limited time only! :)

  • Vincent Raja @ Tech2Hell

    Well awesome.. game.. already i have bought this game in Intel App for my Pc.. :) Guys try it.. REally awesome game…. juvaiinggggg….

  • Daniel @ Life Blogging

    I think you should not publish this pirated copyright content! Google may ban your GA!

    • sureshkumar

      yes daniel , your correct :) we have replaced it …

  • Musthafa

    Awesome game, its fan base growing faster than any other games

  • jack

    Texture is too large: 2048×2048, maximum supported size: 1024×1024

    i also facing this problem =.=

    can solve it? or this is a bug?

    • sureshkumar

      @jack- change the display setting in your computer, it ll solves :) go to properties and check for display settings , it ll surely works

  • lokesh

    ha i njoy the game alot, and personally i feel proud bcoz am also ure classnmate in narayana jr college. lets go up in new technologies implementation.

  • cevrich

    please help me it also says that the resolution is to low..i made it as high as my pc can go but still not working..please give me some advice?

    • sureshkumar

      change the display settings in your computer. click on properties and change the resolution.

  • Jose

    I don’t play Angry Birds. But it seems to be a good news for Angry Bird lovers.

  • nicole

    its not working!


    very nice game and i love this game :D

  • miraj

    angry birds is very intarsting game

  • Angelie

    were can i get sa FREE download of this game please help me ^_^

    • sureshkumar

      check in any warez sites and torrents, surely you will find but you can find the game in browser itself :) check the above comments, i mentioned the link

  • chitrashenoy

    hi … i need this alphomega software full version.. where to find it… i got a file from… but it is asking some formorg which i am unable to locate

    • sureshkumar

      you can find the game in torrents search with keyword angry bids game

  • alfiya shefi

    awesome game . iam very very happy for playing this game. i love angry birds

  • choy

    how i insert my website

    • sureshkumar

      choy…didn’t get you

  • nyer


  • http://yahoo maribethtamayo

    i like to play with it

  • james

    i like Angry Birds…

  • jitender


  • http://facebook raja

    i love this its soooooooooooo cool and jo chahe kah do…. but i like %$%^

  • http://facebook charisma


  • http://Gmail amit

    this is nice game

  • dhiraj jain

    like angry birds

  • Grace

    yes…this game also popular in my school…where i can get free download for this game…??somebody help me..please..

  • Ray

    Hi … Is there any site where can I download it free ??
    Thanks ..

    • sureshkumar

      You can play in online in chrome browser..

  • Ray

    Please help me ??

  • believe sandesh

    quite good

  • nita

    this game ver very happy

  • rahul kumar

    iam ever play this game my frv game is angrybird

  • Johuanna

    Awesome! that game is very popular.

    • Dan’z

      i wanna angry birds

  • vangiez

    When I heard it I really donloaded it! Maybe I was the first one to have it. I am crazy about Angry bird specially Angry birds in rio. Be ready you green pigs I am ready to throw stones at you!!!!

  • Itender Rawat

    I love this game….!

  • http://google sultanraz786

    I like this game.
    this game my favorite.

  • http://Fb Gulam

    Kren abis….benar2 burung pemarah…!

  • nikolas

    How can I download it free ?

    • sureshkumar

      The promotional offer is no more :( you missed it .

  • monirul

    my net speed is so low, is there any way to download a free version of this?

    • sureshkumar

      The free vision is not present now . :( the promotion was over.

  • Rahmani

    Saya coba download nich :) thanks

  • sajin

    It’ really a funny game

  • kumaran

    Hai, i love angry bird game to play. i really like that. thank u suresh



  • Baizura azza

    I want to angry birds colection

  • nilesh

    Texture is too large: 2048×2048, maximum supported size: 1024×1024…….
    what i do….?
    how to update graphic driver???

  • Harith


    Open GL 2.0 renderer not supported! Reason:
    Open GL 2.0 is not supported

    Open GL 1.4 renderer not supported! Reason:
    Open GL 1.3 is not supported

    Downloaded it but got this massage when try to open, can you help me please

  • soni

    i downloaded d game but only half version came

  • Sourav

    Hey ! Bro What a game it’s realy nice and i like this so much Thanx Bro//..

  • http://yahoo elias

    open gl 2.0 renderrer not supported

    • Shahriyar

      who error?

  • yasmin

    i like
    angry birds are so cool………………………………………………………..

  • sanjeev


  • prabawa

    do you have a key for register complete version cause i cant continue the stage without submit that number. thanks

  • http://yahoo Aaliya khan

    it is very nice game

    And I like so much

  • Shahriyar

    If Downloaded is Gooded!!!!!
    thank You.

  • muthu sampath

    Its very funny for kids to spend timepass in holidays. Keep it.

  • Bittu sahu

    I love Angry Birds games.

  • dhaval chauhan

    i love angry bird game.

  • tebiampton

    Haha I’m addicted can’t help myself

  • http://123 y.jaya vardhan reddy

    it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddddddduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrra

  • rosemarygagliardi

    i have playd angry birds before on my friends i pad it is an awsome game i just love love love the angry birds, i wish i could buy all of them but i was told you cant buy them any place,i find that kinda strange but why cant you buy them ,please email me about this thanks can we download the game now? rosemary gagliardi.

    • rosemarygagliardi

      i have playd angry birds before it is an awsome game i just thos little birds, can we please now download the game now???????????????signing out rosemary gagliardi.

  • Abhirams


  • dinesh

    i love you angry bird

  • mohsn siddiuqi

    superb game

  • http://so MAYHEM……


  • Anoop Chandel

    Good Game to Play

  • Jitendra Patel

    good game

    • Suresh Kumar G

      yeah good game :)

  • Saptanti Badri fever

    goo game like