Backup Your Personal Data To Amazon Cloud Drive With Free 5GB Online Storage

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Amazon launches Cloud Drive online storage services which give 5 GB free online storage. Using this feature, you can backup all your Personal data like photos, videos, docs, etc. Since the personal data are very valuable once you lost it, you can’t get back. The same thing happens to me.  I have my school photos on my computer, due to the installation problem of another OS within OS I crashed my personal Drive, which contains all photos, videos, etc. , Am Got saved  because I uploaded the snaps to some file hosting before. So it should not happen to all.

So I Request everyone to upload their personal data to Amazon cloud drive with the 5GB free online storage if you want to upgrade the plans are very cheap. Just 1$ per GB / Year. The plans are given below.

amazon cloud drive file hosting

Get Free 5GB online storage using Amazon Cloud Drive

  • Log on to Amazon cloud drive site Amazon cloud drive
  • Sign up accounts.
  • Get 5 GB free storage and upload all your personal data there
  • Cloud Drive interface is very simple, just like file manager.
  • Keep Uploading your personal data and access your files anywhere its simple and best

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7 thoughts on “Backup Your Personal Data To Amazon Cloud Drive With Free 5GB Online Storage

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  3. I found it very much helpful for me at least. My brother have faced a hard drive crash case recently. I wish I could see your post some days before. We really need some of our valuable documents to be stored somewhere else even if you have shared those files to some websites. It is a very hard job to find all those documents in those websites.
    So thanks a lot for sharing this.

  4. If we want to save normal files Music and documents then this service is very amazing. Best of all this service is completely free and we can extend space after buy some music albums from website. Thanks for share this article.

  5. How good is this compared to Dropbox which I’m currently using?

  6. This is good, but 5GB will exhaust in few days 🙁

  7. Drop box is also a good alternative.

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