Top 5 Football games for iPhone

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New iPhone has arrived, and you can play football on it. Has it ever happened to you that you are craving to watch a football match but there are no matches going on? If yes, then you are not the only one to go through this, almost every football enthusiast has once gone through this phase in his or her life. According to a study, in any of the four-year period, there are just 4 months when there is no football match on the television. And if you’re a die-hard football fan then you know that surviving these 4 months without football is the most difficult thing to do! One thing you can do is, head over to and connect with other people who share the same enthusiasm for football as you or, to help you get through these 4 months, we are presenting you a list of Top 5 Football games that you can play on your iPhone and get away from the boredom.




How can one even imagine talking about football without taking the name of FIFA? I’m sure somewhere out there, it is a crime to do so. FIFA 16 is undoubtedly one of the best football games on iPhone. The iPhone version of the game has exactly the same engine as that of PC and Console version, so if you look at it, you aren’t missing much.

The game is not exactly the same as it is on PC, it misses the career mode, seasons, exhibition matches etc. But the gameplay is phenomenal and does justice to the glory of football.

Pixel Cup Soccer 16

This game is a perfect combination for those who love football and arcade games. Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is not one of those serious soccer games, instead, it is a fun game for those who love football but don’t take it way too seriously.

The games stimulate the soccer experience in a retro arcade cabinet and provide a wonderful retro experience to the user. It also includes different type of competitions that even includes the Women’s World Cup.

New Star Soccer

While growing up as a kid, every child once thinks to become a professional football player but sadly only a few are able to achieve it. If you are one of them and wanted to become a football player but are stuck preparing Excel sheets for your boss then this is the game that can give you a therapy.

This game involves the user as an upcoming football player who has to go through his training to become the next football star. The player is also required to take control of the character during important moments such as scoring a goal or intercepting a ball.

Dream League Soccer

Now here is the thing with this game, Dream League Soccer 16 might not be as good as FIFA 16 in functions and graphics but if you are looking for a game that allows you to build your own dream team then look no further.

The user can also upload his/her own custom kit and also rename the team. The game provides a vast amount of creative opportunities for football lovers.Soccer Physics

Soccer Physics

This game is one of the most inaccurate representations of the game. If you are someone who is really serious about the game then it is better to not to try this game as Soccer Physics is a silly and fun game in which the only motive is to score more physics based goals than your opponent.

We will keep adding more football games, just keep checking back.

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